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Cheap laser radar is not self driving cars popular key factors? – Sohu of science and technology of laser radar image: the eyes of the world although the automatic driving concept so hot, but most people probably have not seen living on the road Benz automatic driving vehicle. However, if you are lucky enough to see, it is certainly not the first attracted you to the driver’s seat is there, but the roof "whoosh" rotating sensor — laser radar. "This guy" can be regarded as a self driving car "eyes", it can help the vehicle into the surrounding environment, but at the same time it is also the automatic driving vehicles popular stumbling block on the road, because the price is not cheap laser radar. Although this system is expensive and complex, but in the next few years, its price and reliability will be in the direction we want to promote the popularity of automatic driving technology. From the name can be seen, the laser radar and radar are closely related, they are sensor technology, using a laser pulse to detect objects nearby, but the detection range of laser radar and radar is not wide, but due to a shorter wavelength, higher resolution laser radar. It is this reliable and high quality data collection for laser radar has become the most preferred automatic driving system, many experts even believe that the laser radar should be automatic driving vehicle standard. The laser radar sensor is the key of automated vehicles, because it can meet the demand of precision positioning and vehicle under a variety of conditions, "nuTonomy CEO, Iagnemma explained that the company is Singapore testing self driving cars. However, Iagnemma pointed out that the size, complexity and cost of laser radar is now hindering the pace of its market. At present, most automated vehicles are equipped with HDL-64E laser radar Velodyne company produced, the products per second to complete the 2 million 200 thousand data points in the field of scanning, and can complete the positioning of objects within the range of 120 meters, precision can reach centimeter level. Tough is tough, but such a sensor weight reached 13 kg, the price is as high as $80 thousand (fast enough to buy a Tesla). This year, Velodyne has launched a new laser radar VLP-32A, its detection range can cover the range of 200 meters around the vehicle, the weight is only a lightweight of 600 grams. The most important thing is, if mass production, the price of this laser radar will be reduced to about $500. Although prices have fallen sharply, but the price sensitive consumer market, or some expensive. Faced with this problem, we have to offer advice and suggestions from both academia and industry are thinking about how to reduce the volume of the laser radar, simplify manufacturing steps and reduce the price. At the beginning of this year, CES, the Quanergy Systems company from Sunnyvale showed a specially designed for automatic driving solid-state laser radar prototype vehicle development. The lidar uses optical phased arrays to spread laser pulses,.相关的主题文章: