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Software Lotus Notes The Integrated Desktop Email Client: In IBM Lotus Notes email application, there have been developed a wide range of features and a broad array of services, which include the arrangement of business emails, Address Book contacts, listing of tasks, notes, to-do lists, journals, and calendars etc. Owing to these varied features, services and benefits of using this application, it is often called as an integrated desktop email client. Lotus Notes Preferred by Many Users: By and large, all organizations practice to employ an apt and appropriate email system so that they can easily avoid flaws in their official .munications, which mostly happen due to slow-executing email applications. There are many enterprises that prefer Lotus Notes as their email client as it has many useful business features for perfectly managing all official .munication tasks. Change in the Preference Many Notes Users Prefer Outlook: Being easier and more cost-effective, Outlook manages to lure many Lotus Notes users, which then created a need of Migration of Notes Items to PST . This change is often a result of technical .plexities faced by the .anization in spending huge amounts in maintenance and management of Lotus Notes email client. Lotus Notes Calendar Export: During such migration where users export data from Lotus Notes, one of the topmost items required to be converted is the calendar. Thus, the need of Lotus Notes calendar export is one the most desired conversions at the time of the process to export database of Lotus Notes. Third-Party Lotus Notes Import Tool: A third-party migration tool to conduct Lotus Notes to MS Outlook migration proves to be highly helpful. After conversion, users can Read Lotus Notes Files in Outlook . To be specific, if users are conducting the calendar conversion, so they can View Lotus Notes calendar in PST after the conversion. One such useful tool is SysTools Export Notes software, which is an output-driven email migration utility available at a nominal price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: