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Liaoning listed 9 provincial state-owned equity capital will offer attention Liaoning listing of state-owned equity and private capital will offer reporter Zhu Yanran in decision-making and vigorously promote the reform of state-owned enterprises are state-owned enterprises in Liaoning city first sounded the horn of the reform of state-owned enterprises of mixed ownership. Recently, the Shenyang United Assets and Equity Exchange announced that the Liaoning province sold 9 provincial state-owned enterprise shares to strategic investors outside the province first. Sell a lot of state-owned equity benefits, social security funds and other state-owned shareholders also actively. And in the early introduction of Article 32, but also on the conduct of state-owned assets trading norms. However, the most critical question is who will take the disk, as well as the Liaoning provincial government how to boost the confidence of private investors. The crisis forced reform according to the "Liaoning mixed ownership economy development of the introduction of strategic investors in the equity transfer announcement", for the introduction of strategic investors, the positive development of mixed ownership economy, the provincial government decided to first batch of strategic investors sold outside the province, brilliance group, Benxi Iron and Steel Group trading group, water resources group, Liaoning energy group, Liaoning Fishery Group, Fushun group, Shenyang Coal Group and other 9 enterprises stake in Tiefa energy. These 9 companies are currently a total of 100% state-owned shares, accounting for Liaoning Province, the SASAC, the social security fund in Liaoning province accounted for 20% of the total number of shares of the company, accounting for. The Council of social security fund in Liaoning Province, said that the transfer of 9 large state-owned equity, is bigger and stronger enterprises, promote the implementation of the principle of state-owned assets, state-owned assets all revenue sharing, attracting strategic investment to accelerate the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises. State Council Development Research Center, director of the state owned Enterprise Research Office of Xiang Anbo on the first financial daily said, this is a crisis forced reform, with multiple positive significance. Through the reform of property rights, the introduction of strategic investors to change the situation of local state-owned enterprises dominance, with the development of mixed ownership to change the operating mechanism of state-owned enterprises. In addition, the move can be used to enrich the social security fund to make up for the gap in Liaoning social security fund. Due to historical factors and serious aging and other reasons, Liaoning pension deficits, a large gap. Since this year, according to the Liaoning provincial government on the transfer of provincial enterprises 30 billion yuan of state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund deployment, Liaoning province SASAC completed the brilliance group, Benxi Iron and Steel Group, energy group and other 10 provincial enterprises to the social security fund of Liaoning Province Council transferred 20% of state-owned shares, the sale is the Council of social security fund in Liaoning province which holds a 9 stake in state-owned enterprises. Xiang Anbo believes that the current economic situation, state-owned enterprises are facing great challenges and pressures. The reform of the state-owned enterprises level, the development of mixed ownership, to improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, boost the local economy role, also has a demonstration effect and reference value to other provinces and cities in Northeast of SOE reform and boost the economy. The National Bureau of statistics released the first half of the provinces of Liaoning to GDP data show that the growth rate of the bottom of -1.3%, is the only negative growth of provinces. Northeast economic performance in recent years is also in the bottom of the country, including Liaoning’s GDP growth in 2015 was only 3%. theory相关的主题文章: