Li Yifeng beat Duan Yihong Beat acting Award

Li Yifeng beat Duan Yihong? The flowers beat acting Sina entertainment television column boiled tongue alone in September 24th, the twenty-fifth session of Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers closing ceremony held in Hebei of Tangshan Province, Li Xuejian, Feng Xiaogang, Huang Jianxin, Huang Xiaoming, Angela Baby, Xu Qing, Li Yifeng, Chen Yao, Bai Baihe, William Feng, Guan Hu, Babel, ur good many actors heavyweight debut the red carpet ceremony. This year, the award has three contrary to expectation with Li Yifeng, "old gun" won best supporting actor, William Feng with "Wolf Totem" won the award for best actor, Angelababy with "dragon tactic" won best supporting actress. In addition, "sun burning heart" won the best film award, Cao Baoping, Jiao Jing Hua also by virtue of "sun burning heart" won the best screenplay award, "the wolf" won the best feature film award. Ur good with "dragon tactic" won the best director Xu Qing, with "old gun" won the best actress Zhuang Xiaolong with the title, "the wolf" won the best newcomer award. This award special recognition also has deep meaning of "tiger". The film festival will be a lifetime achievement of film artists awarded to Tao Yuling and Ge Cunzhuang, Liang Xin, Xie Fang. Tao Yuling was playing "story" in two for the woman Chinese audience familiar, GE Cunzhuang is the famous actor Ge You’s father, is representative of "civil war" "Zhou Enlai’s great friend" and the TV drama "Xu Beihong". Xie Fang starred in "song of youth" is known, beam channel is a famous playwright, writer, his representative works include "the Red Detachment of women" from "slave to general". Li Yifeng with the "old gun" in the show won best supporting actor to become the biggest bright spots in the fans a full of joy in celebration of Li Yifeng prize at the same time, there are a lot of people have to eat melon Li Yifeng winning big tucao. Nominated for Best Supporting Actor for "dear" in Zhang Yi Chen Xiao, the "tiger", "Duan Yihong" and "sun burning heart" dragon tactic in Xia Yu. So what does Li Yifeng get the best man in the end? First of all, Li Yifeng in the "old gun" in the show is bound to be defeated "dear" has not given up looking for children, also organize other parents to take the lead for children, other parents psychological counseling constantly, because the Yellow Boxian eventually find the children out of control the collapse of Zhang Yi. If the "dear" for a long time, the impression in your mind that I am too shallow, for example, is the latest film "the murderer is" inside that makes us laugh at the swollen thigh and killer. Secondly, Li Yifeng also beat the scorching sun in the heart to keep track of the murderer, every moment in the thinking, and staged a love to kill the deep cabinet, the story of Duan Yihong Deng Chao. His eyes on Deng Chao, as well as his hard struggle is very perfect interpretation of the jurisprudence of human feelings. However, the egg, "old gun" in the facial paralysis son Zhang Xiaobo beat him. Finally, Li Yifeng also defeated the "dragon tactic" of the big gold teeth Xia Yu. The Venice International Film Festival, won best actor and best actor Xia Yu Taiwan Golden Horse Award at the age of 18. He is always the year for me相关的主题文章: