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Li Keqiang’s visit to New York: micro lens alert upgrade party Prime Minister Xinhua New York September 18th new media news (reporter Hao Weiwei Shang Junbaijie) New York early autumn, showing coolness. The seventy-first session of the General Assembly high-level meeting series curtain will start, the leaders come in a throng. The sudden explosion in Manhattan so that the world’s capital affect more attention. Although seemingly calm, but already smell the tense atmosphere. The Isle of man on the street upgrade, police sirens increased significantly, from time to time across the sky. 18 pm local time at 2:30 pm, the prime minister Keqiang arrived in New York John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport. The United Nations, the world’s most important multilateral arena; Chinese leader was invited to the party. More attention to the general assembly, located in the eastern part of the island of Manhattan United Nations Headquarters building, with the explosion of the Chelsea area about 3 km distance. 18 morning, the reporter found here, one side of the street has been building barricades, surrounded by the fence, every road has the police guarded; while in the East River on one side, the U.S. Coast Guard patrol kayak is along the river. Every year, during the high level meeting of the UN General Assembly, New York will be in a state of high alert, the Manhattan bombings so that local police tightened the nerves of security. Police said Singer, he and his colleagues will have the duty to the general debate over. New York, Manhattan explosion occurred just seventy-first days before the start of the general debate of the general assembly of the United Nations on the three day. As a result of multinational leaders to attend, as the seat of the United Nations Headquarters in New York has been on high alert. Photo: Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua News Agency) in the bustling capital of the explosion, like the world’s slice, reflecting the new troubles it faces new challenges. Pull together in times of trouble, overcome difficulties, more Time will not wait for me. Key nodes in such a general assembly, the prime minister Keqiang "debut" concern. Turbulent change in the world, how to go in the future, countries in particular want to hear how China said. During the meeting to attend the general assembly, the prime minister Keqiang will be fully explained to promote the improvement of global governance, the peaceful development of the world Chinese scheme, a force to create a peaceful and stable world home Chinese initiative. In addition, the prime minister will attend two conference on refugees. To solve the world’s most critical proposition, China never absent. The United Nations General Assembly Hall int.. (news source: UN) despite New York’s new prime minister China security situation, still as promised, is itself to the United Nations and the silent support of multilateralism. During last year’s 70 anniversary series, China announced a series of commitments and initiatives to support the development of the United nations. These measures progress to which step, how to implement, the prime minister Keqiang will represent a Chinese important abide by the "annual report to the world". Let the development of more beautiful name card this session of the UN General Assembly for the prime minister Keqiang will preside over the sustainable development of China’s initiative to hold ": joint efforts to transform the world, we China advocate" forum. The forum with the theme of the seventy-first session of the United Nations High fit, Peter, President of the United Nations General Assembly, said, "very supportive of the". 2016 46相关的主题文章: