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Coaching What do lobsters, scorpions and bees have in .mon? Yes, a capacity to inflict a nasty bite. But they also all lack a spine. An exoskeleton (the lobster’s hard shell) is all that holds their bodies together. There’s no internal bone structure. Some leaders are like this. Outer toughness and a nasty bite: the cutting remark or petulant decision. But little inner structure or resolve that makes for true leadership that will deliver results and build respect. What would people say about you: outer show or inner strength? Here are some action options. It seems to me that, in very broad terms, leadership strength .es from two sources – and an effective leader needs both! 1. KNOWLEDGE that’s relevant to what’s got to be done. For example, understanding your marketplace and drivers of .petitive advantage, so your team has the practical context for its endeavours; also, demonstrating .mercial and technical skill so you can guide and contribute wisely, also setting performance standards and benchmarks. 2. COURAGE to make it happen. For example, taking charge and pushing execution; also .municating effectively; creating accountability and taking tough decisions; and, as necessary, adjusting priorities and resourcing to ensure key goals are met as conditions change. There is no particular magic in any of this. It’s just the stuff of building a strong leadership skeleton. No sharp nippers required – and certainly no venom. In which of the two main elements (and their sub parts) would your team say you’re strongest – and weakest? With regard to your weaker areas, what leadership training or development would they suggest? Would you be willing to follow their advice? If you’re willing to change and strengthen your own skills, then perhaps they also may be willing to try harder, learn new approaches and perhaps trust you more – and so be willing to follow you to achieve the challenging goals you’ve set. The only thing a leader MUST have is followers. Do you have enough knowledge and courage to deserve them? About the Author: Increase your leadership action and traction with Vector Leadership Training. Vector Leadership will help you plan appropriate leadership actions and deliver your personal action list. We have been working for more than 40 years with CEOs and executives across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, visit Leadership Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: