Kuang’s point this week to see interest rates after the 1330 unwavering determination of many boee

Kuang’s point: this week to see unwavering determination rate after 1330 many Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Interest rates on hold after the bottom of Meadville buying gold re support soaring, while the pre Youkong, let a lot of people ahead of the layout of the accident, in the roadshow yesterday morning we pointed out that the Bank of Japan interest rate had appeared in a bear trap, beware of the morning fed playing tricks, need to be treated equally. Robust data out to the layout, we continue to be made in gold and silver, the dollar index fell after the first, the lowest reach 95.57, with our consistent, Yellen said not without interest on economic confidence is expected this year, an interest rate increase, it is an excuse, but we look good without interest in absolute idea next, how to continue to look at the layout Jiepan: yesterday Japan after the resolution, the layout of our 1310 gold single, both from the point of view or from the risk, is a very classic layout, people will laugh at it just good luck, or that is always concerned about our belated effort, but people should not do think, from the beginning of this week, Monday, the theme of daily point is 1310 lower than the bold, "look back" refer to the theme of the three consecutive trading days, this is justified or accidental So, why do we see more firm, and some people have been waiting for 1320 off, the result is different, to find the answer from the following morning. The technical of the golden 4 hours trend in early trading graphic: Gold: driven by the fed once again the impact of interest rate, and not many variables, the only place is not the same, the first fall after the rise, if you cannot hold your hands, you will find that you have taken, and yesterday Japanese interest rates have appeared in data released Youkong trap, at that moment, the price of gold dropping, many people panic, we pointed out that the early 1306 fell at the bottom, not what efforts has been Powei difficult, bold more than 1310 low point completely established, plus the central bank did not see the interest rate moves, now have the opportunity to approach 1310 why not hesitate, the opportunity is to, Can execute. For three days the price of gold has been in the vicinity of 1312 consolidation, did not give us mobile phone, imprecise location vulnerable to stop, so in the moment yesterday dropping, we shot, the last gold rose to 1336.9, the profit space of their estimates. The Federal Reserve interest rate decision we see, grasp the early 1310, we have seen no need to go at risk Bo single, space is not necessarily a lot, you can see. Crude oil: EIA strike yesterday, but the intensity is really disappointing, but unfortunately not unlike last time that Dumbledore was a key data last trap, let those late shipment final losses, this is not the same place is 44.9 we suggested to us after a couple of times, the price is still 45.6 morning line consolidation. The top 45.68, has not stepped back, so we didn’t pit, is fair, we gain 40 points on相关的主题文章: