Jinhua express company for double eleven SF prepared 34 aircraft-9c8814

Jinhua express company for "double eleven" SF prepared 34 aircraft from the shopping Carnival "double eleven" and twenty days, Jinhua courier companies have been in a state of readiness. According to the State Post Bureau expects, this year, the national express industry will have 2 million 680 thousand front-line personnel into the "double 11" express service, which increased by more than 50% over last year, of which, the trunk vehicle growth of 59%, air transport capacity growth of about 40%. It’s almost a game of people, cars, airplanes. SF Jinhua branch responsible person, at present, SF airlines have an ample supply of 34 freighters, is currently the largest number of operations all cargo freight airline, especially in September this year, SF opened Hangzhou to Lanzhou, Urumqi and other routes, the comprehensive transportation system in the air and greatly optimize the combination. In addition, SF efforts to build intelligent cold chain logistics, for everyone to buy seafood, fruits and other fresh food to provide professional services. And EMS expresses, this year "double eleven" not only more than before people, 10000 people, routes will also increase accordingly. Already in the golden city new district layout rookie network, plans to pass through the rookie station, self cabinet and other ways to divert pressure, and even its crowdsourcing service will debut this year. Express APP application, big data analysis, intelligent distribution, at present, many express enterprise according to its accumulated customer resources and big data operation, has been able to do in advance to stock. As a simple example, for example, the prediction of computer network system in Jinhua area, a paper towel sold every year, is expected this year is no exception, even the amount will increase, so in advance according to the product warehouse in Jinhua ample supply in the future so that once you double eleven day orders, the goods can be sent to you soon that not only increases the friendly customer experience, but also reduce the cost of enterprises.

金华快递企业备战“双十一” 顺丰备好34架飞机 距离购物狂欢节“双十一”还有二十来天,金华快递企业已经纷纷处于备战状态。据国家邮政局预计,今年全国快递行业将有268万名一线人员投入到“双11”的快递服务当中,较去年增长超过50%,其中,干线车辆增长59%,航空运力增长40%左右。加载中… 几乎可以说,这就是一场人、车、飞机的比拼。顺丰金华分公司负责人介绍,目前,顺丰航空已经备足34架全货机,是目前国内运营全货机数量最多的货运航空公司,尤其今年9月,顺丰开通了杭州通往兰州、乌鲁木齐等地的航线,大大优化空中与地面相结合的综合运输体系。除此之外,顺丰着力构建智能化的冷链物流,为大家买海鲜、水果等生鲜食品提供专业服务。而EMS方面表示,今年“双十一”不仅人比以前多近万把人,航线也会相应增加。已经在金义都市新区布局的菜鸟网络,则计划通过菜鸟驿站、自提柜等方式分流压力,甚至其众包服务也将于今年首次亮相。快递员APP的应用、大数据分析、智能分配,目前,很多快递企业根据其积累的客户资源和大数据运算,已经可以做到提前备货。举个简单的例子,比方计算机网络系统预测,金华地区某款纸巾每年都会大卖,预计今年也不例外,甚至量还会增加,所以据此提前在金华的仓库备足该款产品,这样一旦你在未来的双十一当天下单,该商品就能很快送到你手上,不仅增加了客户的友好体验,还能降低企业的成本。相关的主题文章: