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Jingdong business purchase Carnival   Membership Upgrade: home appliances — people.com.cn November 22nd, the second session of the procurement section of the large Jingdong at the end of "panic buying feast" was officially launched, vice president of Jingdong, general manager of Jingdong Taikehubu group Song Chunzheng, general manager of Jingdong customer marketing department Yue Sun, general manager of Jingdong customers of small and medium enterprises the customer department jointly opened the sea Ning enterprise purchase Carnival curtain. The Jingdong purchased enterprise following the success of last year held the first session of the Jingdong enterprise procurement section, and this year, hit the "easy purchase letter Jingdong" purchase Festival theme, the new upgrade of enterprise rights and interests of the members and offer solutions through the scene, solve the enterprise procurement people with pain point; tailored "wisdom, wisdom, and cloud wing four purchasing platform synchronized promotion, implementation and seamless enterprise. Hundreds of domestic and international well-known brand united power, tens of thousands of products offer Juxian, enterprise users by the end of the "shopping spree" era of the world’s best attacking!     million category coupons daily half off purchase of     willful explosion; the carnival Festival, each big enterprise users receive platform million full category coupons, participate in daily flash sale of goods half off Madden concessions, to provide more preferential more security service for every season in late purchasing enterprises. The procurement section of joint power by Thinkpad, SUPOR and Unilever 100 brand, corporate members enjoy preferential price of 100 thousand items, 6 categories of joint special, willful batch purchase as low as 50 percent off iPad Pro 128G day, more "wisdom, wisdom, cloud, wing 4 purchase platform synchronized promotion, the highest straight down 1000 yuan, so that different enterprise target group can get personalized service, enjoy the convenience of the service, the electricity supplier in the procurement process of mass goods, a quick search, to meet the procurement needs of every enterprise users.     the scene in the November 22nd launch ceremony, in order to make the scene of media reporters can more direct experience with convenient one-stop service enterprises to purchase Jingdong experience, especially the design of interactive scene guess commodity prices, manual invoices and online selection of merchandise PK line selection of goods to experience aspects, experience the enterprise procurement of electricity supplier efficient and convenient, and have access to Jingdong E gift card.     Membership Upgrade for procurement escort     Jingdong has been concerned with the actual needs of the user groups, meet the pain points of enterprise procurement difficulties, such as links cumbersome, time-consuming, purchase information opaque, not timely, supplier selection, purchase of Jingdong enterprise to provide a focus came into being. One-stop service for business users, to enhance the user’s shopping experience, special grams of enterprises traditional procurement point of pain.     for large enterprises to get more support in the procurement process, the second Jingdong enterprise procurement section comprehensive upgrade enterprise membership interests, including the purchasing price guarantee, security, security services, security privileges and value-added services. This complete membership system makes the company相关的主题文章: