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IPhone 6S revealed the trouble Chinese don’t jump off the winter and apple stalls, recently frequent user feedback, the temperature reached 0 degrees and no case of hand iPhone 6S repeated an unexpected shutdown – mobile phone battery remained more than 20% state, suddenly shows lack of electricity, and then automatically shut down, to restore the original power after charging. According to the display information from multiple channels, the unexpected shutdown phenomenon exists in iPhone 6S, but also know feedback and discuss the answer has been more than more than and 500, some netizens said that mobile phone to the apple store test, the conclusion is the battery problem. IPhone6s frequency exposure jump off   don’t fear the winter China mobile phone battery power down drastically occurs mainly in winter, low temperature will lead to slow the flow of electrolyte of lithium battery, the resistance increases, which appear inadequate power tips. However, most of the current temperature in the country did not reach 0 degrees Celsius, a lot of iPhone  6S users are also used in the feedback environment is basically above the temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, there is no problem because the temperature is too low to automatically shut down. In addition to the micro-blog survey shows that there are only 7000 users said their iPhone  6S appeared in the accident shutdown problem, and in the iOS9 and iOS10 systems have appeared, but the iOS10 system frequency more. The netizen analysis, the first may be the apple battery performance curve beyond the factory original modeling, causing the battery percentage is not accurate; the second is iPhone  6S cells with aging resistance increases, in high current applications is not directly output resulting in shutdown. There are users that is iPhone  6S design defects, battery pins loose lead to insufficient power when the voltage is low, resulting in pin loosening can not detect the battery. As the temperature decreases, the mobile phone battery jump problem will become more and more frequent, as part of the mobile phone has been out of warranty, if your iPhone 6S jump electric off unexpectedly, please to the local Apple store service for customer service. Your phone is also a sudden decrease in the power of the sudden shutdown of the problem, it may wish to comment on the comments in the comments. Details of the situation before we reported that the network transmission iPhone 6S automatic shutdown, but this time some of the reasons for the complex相关的主题文章: