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Use Your Internship Opportunity To Build A Strong Professional Network Posted By: david grow Companies from different industries are always on the look out for enthusiastic individuals who have the calibre to become an asset while being eager enough to learn new things while using their talent and skills to benefit the company. There are many corporate houses and renowned firms that offer internship opportunities to students and graduates so that the program can be a mutually beneficial move where the intern gets to grasp the very nuances of the corporate scenario and also help the company to grow and learn in the process. Internships in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and several other cities are a great medium of exploring one’s abilities while learning more about the various opportunities and aspects that exist in the real professional world. Internships in Hyderabad and other Indian cities can be of so many types. You can create the foundation of your future career through these opportunities while carving out a wonderful network of professional relations who can be of immense help in the future. The hard work that you put in during your time as an intern tends to be a very fulfilling experience for you.

Internships in Hyderabad Journalism Internships In India Posted By: mathew Passion and ability are ideally the factors that are to determine the career path to be trodden. However, in India, where middle-class mentality reigns, it is the market value of a job that determines the line of career chosen. The average man’s day commences with a cup of tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Lunch, tea and dinner is more often than not consumed to the accompaniment of the mayhem on a news channel. It is what the media presents that provides fodder for men’s discussions at a social gathering. Yet, being an active part of journalism in India is looked down upon by the masses. Since men are to the breadwinners in the Indian society, a considerable majority of boys are advised to flirt with science for 4 years, court commerce for 2 years, and then marry a job that comes with an impressive pay check. Journalism, a field with comparatively smaller bank accounts, is an option that usually does not feature in any person’s life plan unless their family is already actively involved in the media, or in politics.

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