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The international children’s Day: on the growth of children’s Psychological Health Guide – Sohu maternal and infant children are the future masters of the country, therefore, how to provide children a good family, social or learning environment, but world goal. This year’s November 20th is international children’s Day (Universal Children’s Day). This is a United Nations sponsored anniversary, which aims to promote the development of child protection, welfare and education. Er to the public interest platform, a focus on obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, vaccines, psychology and nutrition science platform, so that women are more healthy, so that more scientific and interesting child care. At the international children’s day to the end, our parenting experts — Sina micro-blog parenting Hot Blog @ green wind and your attention to psychological health of children’s growth. My friend and I talked about his son’s education is often shown at a loss, she don’t know what is in the child’s head, don’t know how to approach the child into his heart. I listen to her talk about some specific things, I would help her analyze the child’s psychological: such as in his grandparents’ naughty grandma into mobile phone pot, what happened before? Is there anything that grandpa and grandma do to make him unhappy? Or not according to his things? Friends are curious to observe: the grandmother grew up in the house of the son, never in front of grandma playing mixed; although it will make a temper, but never make such a bad thing. Friends and talked about some specific things talk grandma and grandpa and grandma grandpa baby, found the problem really out on the old man: because the baby long live in grandmother home, Grandpa and grandma rarely see grandchildren, so when you see grandson coddling, no matter what the grandson, Grandpa and grandma’s attitude was never made the grandson is not happy! Really can not see the past, Grandpa and grandma will find an excuse to go away, it will not stop. The grandmother side view: children do something wrong to teach him to correct, I can’t get spoiled children, will give me the girl trouble. With this idea, grandmother grandson is how foreign how to discipline discipline, little children then learn conversion on both sides of small household overlord and small cotton padded jacket is not the same role, and with the increase of age, the more natural conversion. Thus, the baby is independent of the individual, each baby with his growth environment will produce his unique thoughts and feelings, imperceptibly he will use their own good way to communicate with us, let us adults imperceptibly his way. Faced with this situation, the attitude of the elderly to change the child has some difficulties, as parents, it is necessary to assume the responsibility of education, let the baby know right and wrong, learn to control their emotions. Do not because of their mistakes and not as a result, this will lead to the development of children’s dual personality, emotions are not conducive to learning self-regulation. Many parents in the face of the child’s behavior in fact as long as we feel completely won’t listen to reason, a little hard to understand children’s words and deeds, you will find the baby’s words and actions always have clear goals and expectations, even if he does not say, is also very easy to see the treasure we learned!相关的主题文章: