In Holland there is a blue called Delft blue ratatouille

In Holland there is a blue blue called Delft in Holland, there is a China celadon pottery from 400 years ago, it is the custom ceramic of the royal family of Holland, it is a national treasure of Holland, it is Delft blue pottery, a different kind of blue and white in the west, the town of Delft also produces blue pottery so famous, known as the "European porcelain, which it is also known as Delft blue blue. Delft is like a smaller version of the Amsterdam, the city is filled with waterways and bridges, but better than Amsterdam’s quiet, retro. Although the town to produce royal blue pottery is known, but not before the blue pottery, I have been in this town elegant scenery impressed. The name of Delft (Delft) originated in an artificial waterway, the ancient canal is still associated with this town. Picturesque town, colorful and lively, two nestled in the side of the bridge and revealed a romantic atmosphere. Now the river had not in traffic, and become a good place for people to relax, can be in the boat moored to the restaurant to drink a cup of coffee, slowly breathing Delft warm air, it will own leisurely pace. A skiff over Dangkai water green duckweed, the canal is a building a house together. Delft has a very long history, it was built in 1246, is one of the earliest history of Holland city to obtain the rights of city. Although in the history of Delft has experienced two major disaster, a fire, an arsenal explosion is still intact, but still retains the original pattern and style. Fine in the city around and through the central canal, a bridge connecting the city context, people could not help but want to sit down in the street, enjoy a moment of peace. A cup of aromatic coffee, a ball of soft waxy fragrant handmade ice cream and the town’s most temperament: romantic, sweet, aftertaste. The town is the center of the market square, square in the middle stands is a new church in Delft, visitors can stand on its 85 metre high tower overlooking Delft. The royal family of Delft and Holland has the indissoluble bound, the father of Holland William I was here briefly lived here, finally, was assassinated at the Royal seat of buleda is still under the control of Spain, and his body was buried in the new church in Delft. Since then, members of the royal family after the death of Holland are routinely buried in the new church. In the center of the new church, the basement of the church can be seen. In the bright sunshine, the square gathered tourists from all over the place. Here you can choose to buy Handicrafts in Holland, you can also sit in the square of the restaurant to enjoy the food. We are attracted by the sale of the Royal Delft blue pottery shop selling blue pottery shops in Delft a lot, but only "Royal Delft" represents the highest quality Handmade blue pottery. In the city of Delft are everywhere in the blue pottery shadow, including the use of blue pottery making the sign on the ground, could not help but draw us into the city of Delft Royal blue.相关的主题文章: