HTC one M10 rendering multi chin missing first exposure-y580

HTC One M10 renderings first exposure disappeared this year many chin HTC plan to launch new flagship HTC  One  M10, code named Perfume (perfume), it is reported that the product will be unveiled in March this year, with the release date approaching, about HTC  One  M10 also emerge in an endless stream of messages. Now micro-blog users @ buns two allegedly exposed for HTC  One  M10 rendering, the picture shows the front of the machine, the back side, and desktop operating system. HTC  One  M10 rendering (picture from Sina micro-blog) from the picture, HTC One M10 front equipped with elliptical Home key, Home key integration of fingerprint identification function, while the positive HTC LOGO and the speaker disappeared, many chin finally disappeared. The back of the machine adopts three stage design, metal fuselage. You can see three virtual buttons from the system desktop, but with the Home button on the front, the virtual button seems to be redundant. HTC  One  M10 renderings (picture taken from Sina micro-blog) according to previously exposed news, HTC One in the configuration on the M10 will use 5.1 inches 2K screen, using the AMOLED panel, will be equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor, Adreno 530 graphics chip, 4GB RAM+ 32GB ROM storage combination, will use the new 12 million pixel UltraPixe camera, and supports the laser assisted focus and optical anti shake function with Android 6.0.1 system. HTC One M10渲染图首曝 多下巴不见了   HTC今年打算推出新旗舰HTC One M10,其代号为Perfume(香水),据悉该产品将在今年三月份 亮相,随着发布日期的临近,有关于HTC One M10的消息也是层出不穷。现在微博网友@包子玩机曝出了两张据称是HTC One M10的渲染图, 图片上展示了该机的正面、背面、侧面以及操作系统桌面。 HTC One M10渲染图(图片引自新浪微博)   从图片上看,HTC One M10正面配备了椭圆形Home键,Home键整合了指纹识别功能,同时正面HTC LOGO和扬声器不见了,多下巴也终于消失了。该机背面采用三段式设计,金属机身。从系统桌面上可以看到三个虚拟按键,但正面配有Home键,虚拟按键看似有些多余。 HTC One M10渲染图(图片引自新浪微博)   根据此前曝出的消息来看,在配置上HTC One M10将采用5.1英寸的2K显示屏,采用的是AMOLED面板,将会搭载骁龙820处理器,Adreno 530图形芯片,4GB RAM+32GB ROM的存储组合,将采用全新的1200万像素UltraPixe镜头,并支持激光辅助聚焦和光学防抖功能;预装Android 6.0.1系统。相关的主题文章: