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Internet-and-Business-Online These web traffic strategies are designed to help you get more visitors to your website by leveraging the best free and paid promotional methods. * Solo Ads – This is where you buy a solo ad from a person with a large email list and they email your offer to their subscribers. You should send this web traffic to a squeeze page to build your email list. You can get Ezine solo ads which send out to the entire base of newsletter subscribers and guaranteed clicks solo ads from private vendors. I like to use guaranteed solo ads where you are allowed to use your own ad copy. You tend to need more traffic from solo ads to see conversions than with other sources, but once you have a high converting offer and sales funnel you can easily scale it out. *Search Engine Blog Traffic – My approach to getting blog traffic from Google is not the typical write one blog post for a major keyword approach, and then backlink it till it one day (hopefully) reaches the front page of Google. Instead, I just write and write and write and just get the content out there. Each blog post I write is targeting different low .petition, longtail keywords. I will get traffic from these keywords and other keyword .binations I would have never even thought of (people type weird things into Google!). So just by having as many blog posts as possible out there, the traffic should start to .e. * Video Marketing – YouTube video marketing is a great way to drive website traffic. A YouTube video not only gets traffic directly from YouTube but also from Google as well. Videos are now ranked along side articles and web pages in the main Google search. Also, a video will also include a thumbnail image which will help increase click through rate from the search engines. Be sure to provide a link to your website at the bottom of each video and to specifically request that people click the link as you are talking in the video. * Facebook PPC – Traffic from Facebook is targeted and can be good leads to have. People find that they need less Facebook leads to see impressive conversions than with other paid advertising methods. This is because people who reguarly interact on Facebook tend to be pro-active. In order to get going with Facebook PPC you need to first get your ads approved. To help with this you should state within your ad if an email address will be required on the next page. Facebook also likes you to keep traffic within Facebook and send it to a FanPage or Group instead of your own domain. * Banner Ads – At the core of my methods to get more visitors to your website is instead of trying to rank on the front page of Google for major keywords, it is easier and quicker to just pay to have your advert shown on a website that is already ranked highly. A banner ad is the easiest way to do this. For best results I suggest you create your own simple banner within paint. But a bold border around it, have an eye catching red headline, and a blue textual call to action that looks like a clickable link. These type of designs tend to get more attention than pretty looking graphics based ads. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: