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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Prom is a very important part of any teenagers life. It is not about a dance but it is about bidding farewell to the school life and preparing oneself for the adulthood. If it is the last day of a carefree teenager then it should be celebrated with some pizzazz and glamour. Buying the best dress and looking best on the prom night is a worrying thought for every teenager. It is especially the ladies who go all gaga over choosing the prom things months prior to the actual night in itself. It is for this reason it becomes so much important to get it all right. One should not just stop at buying the right dress for prom. A dress is nothing without its accessories. An accessory is a way of representing and highlighting the chief features of yourself and that of the dress. As minimalistic is the trend doing rounds nowadays, the choice for junky jewelry at prom is no longer an option. As your dress will already be a pretty embellished one with a gathered skirt or sequins, it is better to play safe with the jewelry. And what can be a great way of accessorizing without getting over the top than Prom bracelets? Bracelets will adorn your pretty wrists and will help you to have something pretty on whether it is diamond, silver or gold. However getting that one piece of accessory right is a bit of a challenge. Remember it is the only piece you are wearing and all the attention is going to be on that single piece. So you simply cannot afford to go for with the Bracelet for prom. Here are a few tips that will help you out to choose the best bracelet in accordance with your dress- Choose the bracelet when you are buying the dress. Do not postpone it for a later occasion. Getting the bracelet along with the dress will ensure that you get the perfect one that suits your dress. The store assistants can also help you out in choosing the right bracelet that goes with your dress. Try out the bracelet along with the dress and then check in the mirror to see whether it is looking alright. Do not go overboard with the bracelet if the dress is a heavily embellished one. If you are opting for a boho chic look with a floral maxi dress then you can wear as much of beads as you want on your wrist. But not when you are wearing a ball gown. Just choose one statement piece to adorn your wrist so that it can maintain the elegance of the dress. You have a lot of options when choosing a bracelet like gold, silver, diamond studded. But as a general rule you should choose silver bracelets with pastel shades, gold with earthy tones and diamonds with a simple bling free dress. Do not go with jewel encrusted Prom bracelets if your dress already has a lot of stones and crystals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: