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How did the big aunt come to maintain milk during lactation? After the birth of the maternal and child Sohu aunt, milk quality will become worse? Sheldon, milk quality and not worse than usual, milk fat concentration, reduced protein increased, the milk of the baby is nutritious, mother in the big aunt, can drink boiling water, eat more fish, milk, meat and vegetable soup, add milk quality. During menstruation, the reasons for the reduction in milk? Milk reduce the volume of menstrual period is mainly because of a change in the level of prolactin, is closely related to the secretion of milk largely with the baby’s sucking and maternal diet, so increasing sucking time and the number of baby’s daily to promote milk secretion effect. Recommended breastfeeding mothers in the menstrual period do not stop or reduce the number of lactation, but also should drink more soup soup water, continuously supplement, keep the amount of milk, eat more fish, milk, poultry can also help breast milk secretion. Remember these 4 points, the amount of milk, 1 maintain breastfeeding, let the baby sucking to stimulate research that help menstruation, postpartum 1 weeks to 2 months of lactation, rely mainly on the baby’s sucking stimulation to induce pituitary prolactin secretion increased, reduce the secretion of pituitary prolactin inhibitory factor. Therefore, postpartum although tired, breast is not necessarily be made up, let the baby sucking breast continuously, stimulate the secretion of breast milk as soon as possible. The best baby and rooming in, so you can let the baby suck the breast often maternal convenience. Multiple times to suck, can stimulate the secretion of prolactin released in the brain of the mother. 2, postpartum to maintain a happy mood of the factors of postpartum lactation have a certain impact. Therefore, postpartum to keep a good mood, but forget the troubles, the housework first behind, fully nursed back to health. Do not always worry about whether the baby to eat, whether the normal development of the problem too much worry. The spirit of excitement and pleasure will promote the in vivo prolactin levels increased, so as to make more milk. 3, breast massage newborns suck how much milk, often do not want to suck. The maternal breast is swelling pain, touch pain. Sometimes can not be completely dedicated to baby sucking. So the breast massage is a very effective method to maintain milk secretion. Before each lactation, you can gently massage for 10-15 minutes. After massage can reduce maternal engorgement and promote milk secretion. Because the role of massage breast equivalent to the baby sucking nipple stimulation. This stimulation, can penetrate nerve fibers in hypothalamus, pituitary prolactin release prompted, reflex caused by pituitary oxytocin release, stimulate breast and mammary gland milk milk will shrink, into the pipe to the nipple, and promote milk secretion?. 4, the right to add fat dairy foods some foods can promote milk secretion, postpartum to increase milk yield, maintain milk yield, may wish to try some fat dairy foods, do not easily give up breastfeeding opportunities. Himalaya FM dragonfly FM lychee FM search: Senior maternal care Tina old a相关的主题文章: