Hongkong SAR government to push new measures to suppress the price of stamp duty uniform raised to 1 candy candy

The Hongkong SAR government to push a new tax increase measures to curb property prices in 15%- News Agency Beijing in November 4 Hongkong Xinhua (Lin Yuxing) announced the Hongkong SAR government 4 days, according to the overheated residential property market, will launch a new round of demand management measures, improve the uniformity of residential property transaction stamp tax to turnover 15%. New measures come into force on 5. The chief executive of the HKSAR Government on the afternoon of the same day Liang Zhenying led more than competent housing policy officials held a press conference, announced the revised "stamp tax regulations", the new ad valorem stamp duty will replace the existing ad valorem stamp duty standard rate of first (i.e. double ad valorem stamp tax rate), to prevent the risk of further deterioration of the property market bubble. In order to ensure that the people of Hong Kong occupied priority, the first home of Hongkong permanent residents can be exempted, that is, only by the lower second standard rate of tax. In addition, the new tax rate does not apply to non residential properties. Liang Zhenying said that the high price of property has long plagued the people of Hongkong, so many families, especially young families difficult to buy. In the past 4 years, the SAR government has been committed to increasing the supply of flats, which is currently under construction, with a capacity of up to $43% in the next 3 to 4 years, which is higher than that of when he took office in the past 4 years. He also pointed out that the Hongkong property market is currently facing 3 non occupied demand, including foreign investment and speculative demand. Over the past few years through the double stamp duty "spicy trick, successfully suppress speculation and external demand, but the investment demand still dominate the market, so it is necessary to adopt new measures to suppress investment demand. Finance minister Ceng Junhua pointed out that the SAR Government in the past has launched a 7 round of measures for the healthy development of the property market, taking into account a basket of factors. The recent rebound in the property market, the active volume, the risk is more and more high, if not to take action to reduce the risk of property excitement have the opportunity, will endanger the economic and financial system in Hongkong. He believes that the new measures in the short term will have an immediate and significant cooling effect on the property market. (end)相关的主题文章: