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UnCategorized A helpdesk software application is usually built around a core help desk ticket system. This system works in the following way. When your customer has a problem, they connect to the software through a link at your site, and type or select a short description of the problem. The software attempts to find a similar problem in its database and pulls out a tried and tested solution. Certain problems may have multiple solutions, which are then displayed to the customer. The customer may choose a suitable solution or if not satisfied with the solution enter another description or create a ticket. A ticket may be created using a few standard steps and format. A standardized procedure and format makes a ticket easy to identify, understand and reference. Premium Response allows your customers to optionally upload screenshots reflecting their problems in addition to describing the problem in text. When a ticket is created, an email message is sent to the customer. An email message is again sent when you respond to the ticket. Thus the customer is assured that somebody will attend to the problem and gets to know about it when they do. In addition, Premium Response allows customers to check the status of their tickets. Certain help desk ticket system can be used to specify a closing date or a date by which the problem needs to be resolved. This feature of the system can be used by you to schedule tasks such as backups or upgrades. Most ticket systems, like that of Premium Response, have two parts: the database and the interface. While the database stores all the data such as the ticket number, the screenshots, and the descriptions, the interface allows you to analyze and draw conclusions from the data. For example, you might view the sorted data to identify the problem around which the maximum tickets are getting generated. Premium Response can be easily used for such analysis. You can track tickets by clicking various menus to view the history of issues with a customer. Even when the issue is resolved, the help desk ticket system permanently stores this information. This is done to enable you to review the problems a customer may have over the period of using your product. This feature gives you a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your product. Ticket tracking ensures that every customer issue is resolved in a timely, systematic and considerate manner. Since these systems serve customers in the order with which they .e, all customers are treated fairly and equally. This approach makes your customers feel more .fortable in reporting issues and waiting for them to be resolved, especially since the system reduces the waiting period remarkably. This is the kind of feature that helps your business grow as satisfied customers return to buy more products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: