Hebei 9 enterprises take billions of investment platform to open a new mode of private investment in demonophobia

Provincial Industry private enterprise investment platform and financial holding platform Hebei 9 enterprises take billions of investment platform to open a new investment model – Folk Beijing Baotuan Shijiazhuang Beijing in September 26, by the Hebei province 9 well-known enterprises jointly invested 10 billion yuan investment in Hebei, initiated the establishment of Limited by Share Ltd in Shijiazhuang inaugurated operations, opened a new model of Hebei private investment, the development of cross-border investment baotuan. Since 12th Five-Year, the scale of private investment in Hebei has continued to grow and the vitality has been strengthened, which has become an important engine for economic development. Data show that private investment in Hebei province increased from 1 trillion and 150 billion in 2011 to 2 trillion and 280 billion in 2015, the proportion of private investment in fixed assets investment has increased. Hebei provincial Party Standing Committee, secretary general, United Front Work Department Minister Fan Zhaobing said that the establishment of the investment company, to build a large platform of Hebei private capital investment operations, is the reform and practice of private investment in Hebei Province, is also the major initiatives of local private enterprises pushing the development of the integration of resources, and thus explore a new way crack problem of the investment of private enterprises. Vice governor of Hebei province Zhang Jiehui said that this is a major event in the history of the development of private economy in Hebei, marking the private capital investment in Hebei has entered a new stage. It is understood that this is following the Zhejiang people voted, Su min cast, Guangdong people voted, another official listing of private investment in the joint venture platform. The company chairman Geng Jianming said the company is in the national private investment growth slowed in the background for the establishment, is to promote the development of private enterprises, the implementation of major private capital to participate in social investment, will change the status quo of independent development of the private enterprises in Hebei. (end)相关的主题文章: