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Exercise Well, the New Year is upon us so mental note, write 2012 on everything. So with the new year it’s also that time to start losing those extra pounds and get in shape. Over the past year we have seen a tremendous response to some of our featured fitness products and to help you lose that weight in 2012 checkout our top three fitness programs, Insanity, The Firm Express and the latest, Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson. We’ve seen average people have great success on all three of these programs. So if you are looking for a something to help you keep your New Years resolution and help get you motivated, one of these great fitness programs is right for you. Thanks for shopping by, The Webtasticdeals.com elf Insanity 60 day total body conditioning program 1-800-788-3010 Are you ready to take the insanity challenge? Ready to get insane abs… Insane arms… Insane legs… And insane weight loss in just 60 days? Insanity may be the hardest workout ever put on DVD, but it’s the only one that transforms your body like this in just two months’ time. There’s no gym membership, no weights… No excuses. All it takes is 45 minutes a day, six days a week, to get in the best shape of your life. And you get these results insanely fast with max interval training. Typical interval training features long periods of moderate exercise interrupted by short bursts of intense effort. But Shaun T. Turned that on its head. With max interval training, you do long bursts of intense exercise followed by very short periods of rest. You’ll watch the sweat and pounds drop like crazy, because you can burn up to a thousand calories an hour and get ripped in only 60 days. Insanity gives you all the tools you need to transform your body. Start with Shaun T.’s fit test. We like to call it a reality check, but when you take it again on day 60, you won’t believe how far you’ve come. Month one features five insane workouts. Start with plyometric circuit, intervals of explosive plyometrics for sculpted legs and a powerful lower body. You get power and resistance, with strength training intervals for a strong chest, sculpted shoulders and chiseled arms. Cardio abs: Intervals of killer core moves to blowtorch your belly fat and carve out your six-pack. Pure cardio: Skip the intervals today. This is nonstop high-intensity cardio for extreme calorie burn. And recovery: Shaun T. Goes a little easier on you one day a week so you’ll be ready for your next challenge. Just when you think you’re fit, Shaun humbles you with month two, four new workouts that will take your body to a place it’s never been. You’ll dig even deeper, because the intervals are longer but the rest periods aren’t. When you’re done, you’ll be in the best shape of your life. Sold separately, this 60-day total-body transformation system would cost $500, but thanks to this exclusive TV offer, you won’t pay 500, 300 or even 200. Call now and the insanity system can be yours for only three payments of $39.95. That’s right, you get this for only three payments of $39.95. We’ll even include four free gifts to make sure you succeed. The insanity wall calendar shows you which workouts to do each day. Check’em off as you go. You’re another step closer to the best body you’ve ever had. Plus, you’ll receive elite nutrition, the healthy eating plan that will fuel your body for 60 days of insane workouts. The insanity fitness guide: It’s short and to the point. We want you working out, not reading. And you get free online support from Shaun T. And other crazy people like you, live chats with Shaun T., message boards and more. This $180 value is yours free. And if you call in the next 20 minutes, Shaun will even send you a free bonus workout, core cardio and balance, with intervals of fat-blasting cardio and sports drills for a lean, athletic body. And don’t go insane waiting weeks for your package to arrive. Call now and we’ll upgrade your order to express delivery for free, so you’ll have your package in five to seven business days, guaranteed. And remember, if you survive 60 days of insanity, send us your before and after photos and we’ll send you a free insanity t-shirt. You can’t buy it. You have to earn it. And insanity comes with this 30-day "get fit or give it back" guarantee: If you’re not absolutely crazy about your results after the first month, send it back and we’ll refund the purchase price. If you come up with excuses after starting insanity, I encourage you to send it back because that means you’re not ready for it. So call now and take the insanity challenge for just three payments of only $39.95. Insanity is not sold in stores, so don’t wait– call now! Call 1-800-788-3010 now. The Firm Express Fitness System 1-800-949-3902 Do you wanna flatten that belly, slim your body and lose 15 pounds in just 30 days? Now you can, thanks to eight-second training… Eight seconds of high-energy exercise bursts alternated with 12 seconds of low-intensity recovery. A shorter, but revved-up version of traditional interval training. Those little eight-second bursts– that is what melts the fat off you. Just like that. These new Firm Express workouts are so effective, you only need to work out for 20 minutes, three times a week. Each 20-minute Firm Express workout is so powerful, it delivers the same calorie burn as 40 minutes of traditional cardio, so your workout time is cut in half. We’ve created a progressive step-by-step system of 12 workouts based on introducing new routines to constantly challenge your body so you get leaner and tighter even faster. Each four cycles features three totally different, fun 20-minute workouts: One for fat burning, one for body sculpting and one for total body slimming. Week one features Emily and your first three progressive step-by-step workouts. Emily focuses on igniting your calorie burn by gradually revving up your metabolism to prepare your body for maximum fat loss. Next, you’ll progress to week two and new personal trainer Rebekah. Her three accelerated workouts kick up the pace, speed-slimming your hips, buns and thighs. Week three, get ready to turbo charge with Alison. This week is all about moves that burn even more fat, especially around your midsection. You’ll be amazed as your new body takes shape after only three weeks. Finally, it’s overdrive week with kelsie: Three high-powered cardio and strength training workouts that finish out your 30-day makeover. These 12 fat-blasting workouts feature eight-second training, the real secret to getting lean and sexy in less time. That’s 12 body-slimming routines that are anything but routine. And because every workout shows modified moves for beginners, anyone can start them right away. Plus, you’ll receive the Firm Express fitness guide, your road map to success. Inside is the rotation calendar that shows you which workout to do when for maximum results. And it also features our Firm Express healthy meal plan. This complete 30-day plan includes 75 easy-to-prepare meal and snack options, so you can accelerate your weight loss and shed those pounds and inches fast. And since studies show that online support is key to achieving best results, we’ll give you a 30-day V.I.P. Membership to the Firm Express web club, where you’ll get access to the firm master instructors, ready to answer your questions, share tips and keep you motivated. Order right now during this special nationwide launch and you’ll receive $50 worth of free bonus gifts. Tired of that stubborn belly fat? You’ll get our flat belly kick start that includes two extreme abs-blasting workouts on one DVD that melt ab fat fast. Plus you’ll receive a supply of energy-boosting Lifemax vitamins. That’s a $50 value, yours free. It’s time to take control. Call now and get the entire Firm Express get thin in 30 system for just four payments of $29.99. That’s a complete, easy-to-follow 30-day program, a progressive 12 DVD workout series, a workout calendar with schedule, healthy meal plan, online support, plus the $50 in free gifts. The Firm Express get thin in 30 has a $350 value, but you won’t pay $350, $250 or even $150, because during this special nationwide launch, we’ll take one full payment off the already low introductory TV price. Now you can get thin in 30 for only three payments of $29.99. But if you haven’t called or gone online to order yet, listen closely to this important announcement. Be one of the first 500 callers and we’ll automatically upgrade your order to express delivery. That’s a $15 upgrade absolutely free. So call now to get the firm express, and if you’re not getting amazing results within the next 30 days, send it back for a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked. And keep the free gifts just for trying. So whether you have 15 or more pounds to lose, this new system is for you. To keep losing after 30 days, just repeat the four cycles until you reach your goals. The Firm Express is an exclusive limited-time TV offer that’s not available in stores. Don’t delay, call 1-800-949-3902 now. Your sexy, slim body is just 30 days away. Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson 1-800-298-2933 Now you can actually design the body you have always wanted… Brought to you by Tracy Anderson private training. Tracy Anderson is one of Hollywood’s hottest trainers, with devoted clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney cox, Kristin Davis, Molly Sims and Christy Turlington. Tracy has been featured in countless beauty and fitness magazines, and Tracy also knows what it’s like to diet, exercise, and not lose weight. Tracy says, "the impossible can be possible." and today she is giving you the opportunity to defy your DNA. Unlike "one size fits all" programs, metamorphosis by Tracy is customized for you and your body type. Tracy has identified four specific body types… One of them is yours. Do you tend to gain weight in the midsection, have a thick waist? Then your body type is Abcentric. Or what if you have a small waist with big hips and thighs? Then you’re Hipcentric. For those of you with a droopy, shapeless behind, you’re Glutecentric. But what if you’ve got all of the above, or none, and just want to get in amazing shape? Your body type is Omnicentric. Once you identify your body type, you’ll know which one of Tracy’s four workout systems is right for you. It’s essential to keep your muscles challenged. If you keep doing the same workout, your muscles get lazy and you stop getting results. It’s that simple. That’s why with metamorphosis by Tracy, you’ll receive nine completely different workouts. Each one is carefully choreographed by Tracy so you’ll do exactly the right moves in exactly the right sequence to get maximum results for your body type. That’s what sets this program, the Tracy Anderson method, apart from other programs. This keeps you motivated, keeps you going, it switches things up, it keeps things fresh. I have the body that I want. I’m toned, I’m in shape. I lost a total of 22 pounds and 48 inches over my entire body in 90 days. I think that’s pretty cool. The nine transform workouts are designed to work in conjunction with Tracy’s incredible cardio component. This fun, high-energy workout is unlike any cardio workout you’ve ever done. Every single second is choreographed to burn calories and melt fat at an amazing rate. Tracy’s private clients pay thousands of dollars for her expertise and guidance. But now, through this exclusive TV offer, you can work out with Tracy in the comfort of your own home, not for thousands, not even hundreds. When you call and order now, we’ll send you Tracy’s complete 90-day body reshaping system which includes nine customized muscular structure workouts and the cardio workout, all conveniently placed on four DVDs for just four easy payments of $29.99. And there are rewards for acting quickly. Because Tracy wants to make sure you succeed, order right now, and she’ll include three free bonus gifts. You’ll get Tracy’s 12-page fitness guide filled with tips, strategies, inspiration and motivation. You’ll also receive Tracy’s dynamic food plan with the 90-day nutrition strategy and easy-to-make recipes that will fill you up, fuel your workouts and accelerate your weight loss. Tracy will also send you a handy workout tracker and a tape measure to track your progress. So day by day, week by week, you’ll see the pounds and inches disappear. That’s $50 in gifts, yours free just for calling and ordering today. And it gets even better! Tracy is so committed to your success, that when you call and order in the next 19 minutes, she’ll make one entire payment for you. That’s right, you’ll receive the complete metamorphosis by Tracy customized program not for four, but three easy payments of just $29.99. To help keep you on track and motivated, Tracy is giving you a free membership to her private online community and web club, where you’ll be able to network with other users for support, participate in online forums, view exclusive videos with tips from Tracy and so much more. Access to this private community is only available if you call 1-800-298-2933 and order metamorphosis by Tracy today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: