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Good policy even in the year of the monkey Chinese market "spring comes early" – Sohu finance Xinhua news agency in Hangzhou on 23 February, (reporter Lv Ang) since February, lowered the purchase Shoufu ratio, increase of housing provident fund deposit interest rates, tax relief and other policy envelopes were sent out, let this should be in the traditional off-season market is "Spring is in the air. Chinese". Many local sales offices appear in late winter and some less crowded scene, some second-hand housing intermediary business early ushered in the peak, the market "Chinese monkey spring" much earlier than in the past some. Hangzhou city in the eastern province of Zhejiang province Chinese, 100 group also ushered in a real estate showings customers even in the working day, the heat in the first lunar month is rare in previous years. The sales staff told reporters, with the Department of China government recently launched purchase taxes, business tax relief policy, the number of customers showings came straight up, trading volume than the same period last year also increased significantly, many customers are also worried about coming late to grab a good supply. Mr. Chen said the people of Hangzhou, but after the previous shilly-shally large-sized apartment houses, doing taxes now can offer 40 thousand yuan, "national first cut the proportion of down payment, and now some tax relief, save consumers money, such a good policy to let a person feel the money for brick " " a good time." For many second-hand housing intermediary, the Spring Festival holiday "return to work" is also earlier than before. "The usual to wait after the Lantern Festival business volume will gradually recover, but this year the tax deal came after the store early busy these days, we have more than 100 single transaction, doubled compared with the previous year." A real estate intermediary manager Liu Hui said. He said the new news just came out, there are customers just need to worry that prices will rise, anxious and even on the contract, to ensure the landlord began to raise prices, some as much as 3% to 5%, "the new deal of large-sized apartment good, improve the type and luxury items will benefit from this market liquidity after activation." This phenomenon has appeared in many city Chinese, even still in the implementation of the purchase, do not enjoy preferential purchase deal in Shanghai recently, the property market is tight in the early start after the spring festival. Some media reports said that a set of high-quality second-hand housing rose between 700 thousand yuan a day. Taking Hangzhou as an example, the data show that after the first week of the Spring Festival holiday, there are houses signed 1217 sets, 792 sets of second-hand housing transactions, significantly more than a week before the Spring Festival, 1136 sets and 506 sets of results, in the traditional off-season to achieve a "rapid recovery". In the industry view, the property market, deed tax and other preferential new deal, the biggest significance is "to release the signal, boost confidence."". Ellis (CBRE) Hangzhou director general manager Ma Yingshu said, a few million tax relief, compared to the total 1629 actually some "not worth mentioning", "red envelopes" better than previously reduced Shoufu ratio is strong, but the further release, is conducive to China market confidence warmer, lay a good market foundation as to the inventory. But he also pointed out that the impact of the new deal on the market actual turnover should not be excessive expectations, especially in many non population by three or four, even China second line into the city, the lack of demand leads to the structural problem of inventory)

利好政策连出 猴年中国楼市“春意来得早”-搜狐财经 新华社杭州2月23日电(记者吕昂)2月以来,下调购房首付比例、上调住房公积金存款利率、减免税费等“政策红包”接连送出,让本应处在传统淡季的中国楼市显得“春意盎然”。不少地方售楼处出现晚冬时节少有的人头攒动景象,一些二手房中介提前迎来业务高峰,猴年中国楼市“春天”比以往来得更早一些。  在中国东部省份浙江省杭州市,某楼盘即使在工作日也迎来上百组看房客户,这种热度在往年农历正月是少有的。销售人员告诉记者,随着中国政府多部门近期推出购房契税、营业税减免新政,赶来看房的客户数直线上升,成交量比往年同期也明显增长,不少客户还担心来晚了抢不到好房源。  杭州市民陈先生说,此前看上但犹豫不决的大户型房源,现在算下来税费能优惠4万多元,“国家先是下调首付比例,现在又减免部分税费,为消费者省下真金白银,这样的利好政策让人感觉已经到了"钞票换砖头"的好时机了。”  对于不少二手房中介而言,这个春节假期“复工”得也比以往要早。“往年一般要等元宵节过后业务量才会逐步恢复,但今年传出税费新政后门店早早忙碌起来,这几天我们已成交100多单,较往年翻倍。”一家房产中介经理刘辉说。  他表示,新政消息刚传出,就有刚需客户担心房价会涨、急着签约,而连日来确已有房东开始上调房价,部分幅度达3%至5%,“新政对大户型利好最大,改善型及豪宅项目都将受益,这块市场流动性激活后。”  这种现象在中国许多城市已出现,甚至连仍在实施限购、不享受近期购房优惠新政的上海,楼市紧俏行情也在春节后早早启动。有媒体报道称,一套优质二手房一日之间涨幅达到70万元。  以杭州为例,数据显示其春节长假后首周,就有新房签约1217套、二手房成交792套,显著超过春节前一周1136套及506套的成绩,在传统淡季实现了“快速回暖”。  在业内人士看来,此次楼市契税等优惠新政,最大意义在于“释放信号、提振信心”。  世邦魏理仕(CBRE)杭州董事总经理马英枢表示,减免几万元税费,相比总房款其实有些“微不足道”,“红包”的效果不如此前降低首付比例来得强烈,但此次进一步释放,有利于中国楼市信心回暖,也为去库存奠定良好的市场基础。  但他也指出,此次新政对楼市实际成交量的影响不应过度期待,特别是在不少中国二线靠后、甚至三四线的非人口导入性城市,需求不足导致结构性库存问题依然突出,去库存压力依然偏大。  “当一个地区所有需求加起来都难以消化现有库存时,楼市供给侧的问题只能通过自身调整完善来优化。”马英枢说。  作者:吕昂 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章: