Gold Plated version of the advent of iPhone 7 24K + logo + Diamond Gold Dragon mkdv-02

The gilded version of the iPhone 7 came: 24 carat gold + Diamond Logo IT + Jinlong home news September 20th news, apple iPhone 77 Plus has been listed for a long time, Karalux from Vietnam not unexpectedly launched a gold-plated version of the machine, the gilded version looks very domineering, because the back of the mosaic in a dragon. The gilded version of iPhone7 available: 24 K + + Diamond dragon Logo is reported, you can provide a mobile phone, allowing the company to provide 24K gold-plated service for you, the whole process needs 20 gold plating technology and elaborate, the most time-consuming 8 hours, at the same time also gold-plated surface covered with a layer of nano coating to protect your equipment is not easily subject to wear in addition, the company also provides services can be carved carving, including user name, signature or logo. However, the price of this gold-plated service is not cheap, iPhone7 gold-plated costs were $1900 (32GB), 2400 (128GB), $2600 (256GB). If it is iPhone7 Plus, then the cost of 32GB 128GB corresponds to $2000, $2500 and $2700.相关的主题文章: