Fuzhou 8 villages to be included in the list of the fourth batch of Chinese traditional villages 9c8996

Fuzhou 8 villages to be included in the fourth batch of China traditional villages list channel network November 10th hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Zheng Liang (micro-blog) Liu Shiquan the package Figure) between Fujian Fujian cangcang, great mountain, water, but also the traditional and simple stretches. "Eight mountains of water a sub field in Fujian has many beautiful villages, hidden in the mountains did not know, but how much is from my hometown. Yesterday, the Ministry of housing publicity to be included in the fourth installment of the list of traditional Chinese village list, the country’s 1602 villages in Fujian accounted for a total of 105. They or bold, or graceful, is to keep the dream nostalgia, both traditional culture and historical precipitation, picturesque scenery. Among them, Fuzhou has eight villages were included in the list: in Fuzhou County of Luoyuan City Zhen Ling Dou Cun, Fei Yang Cun town of bamboo tower in Fuzhou County of Luoyuan City, Fuzhou City, Minqing County, Fuzhou City, Mei Xi Zhen Qiao Dong Cun, Minqing County ban Dong Zhen new pot village, Fuzhou City, Yongtai County town Song Xikou village, Fuzhou City, Yongtai County town Song month que village, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, song Kou Zhen Dao Nan Cun, Fuzhou City, Yongtai County Yang Cun town Song lu. "China is a large agricultural country, dating back to the three or four generation ago, everyone came out from the countryside, and our roots in the countryside." A member of the CPPCC National Committee, the publishing group deputy general manager Wu Zhiming said, the village is entrusted with each Fujian nostalgia. "The first three were selected in the village of, and this time there are also the names of the 105 villages, which is the pride of Fujian." Lin Conghua, Dean of the College of architecture and urban planning of Fujian University of Technology said, these are included in the list of Fujian village, has three characteristics, first is the location of the village, there are mountains and water, with beautiful natural scenery. Secondly, the ancient architecture has been preserved intact. The third is the intangible cultural heritage has been well inherited, can reflect the local people’s production and life characteristics. >相关的主题文章: