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Mobile-Cell-Phone A flood of mobile phones can be seen in the global market. Many manufacturing .panies are launching and announcing their new handsets with latest technologies. Now, the mobile phone has be.e a perfect .panion of every second user. In the recent era, phones are really needed in everyone’s life Mobile manufacturing .panies are launching new cellphones in a .bined package of smart, stylish, classy, eye catchy, elegant etc. Having a new technology and smart phone is a symbol of style statement in the modern world. The .pany ‘Fly’ is not also untouched with the new and latest technologies. The new designs and handsets of Fly mobiles are admirable. Such mobile handsets are: 1.FLY V60, which is a stylish mobile phone from Fly. This phone has dimensions of 101 X 43 X 33.8 mm, and it can, therefore, slip inside the user’s pocket with ease. USB support, Bluetooth and FM radio are its added features. 2.FLY M90, which is a clamshell mobile handset is something to watch out for. It has a weight of 75 gms. It is a high technology phone with features like a CSTN screen having a colour handling ability of 65K colours and a screen resolution of 128 X 128 pixels. A .fortable keypad of this handset makes the activity of typing messages into an easy one. 3.FLY V70 is one of the smart and elegant Fly Mobiles, which is a perfect .panion for every basic mobile user. The user can be .fortable as well as get delighted while holding this handset in his or her hand due to its .pact, sleek design and smooth surface. MP3 player, Bluetooth with A2DP and video recording are some useful features of this beautiful handset. 4.A sleek and stylish FLY M110 is a power packed mobile phone. It has a weight of 70 gms only. This user friendly phone can slip inside the user’s pocket very easily. This light weight phone has an internal memory of 2 MB, which can be expanded as per the user’s requirement. 5.FLY V90 can be proved as the best .panion for any mobile user. This phone has a vibrant 1.8 inches TFT display screen and its 65 K colour display facilitates a convenient navigation and better viewing as well. The users can be delighted with its VGA camera and an MP3 player. This is one of the cheap Fly mobiles which can grab the attention of people towards itself. 6.FLY MP600 is a GSM enabled sliding Mobie Phones. The dimensions of this phone are 94 X 48 X 14.8 mm. Its vibrant TFT display has a resolution of 176 X 220 pixels. This user friendly phone also features GPRS, USB support, Bluetooth, MP3 player, Dictaphone and PC synchronisation. 7.The mobile handset FLY V100 is certainly the talk of the town. This GSM enabled mobile phone weighs just 75 gms. It houses features like an E-mail client, Class 8 GPRS, WAP, OTA support, PC Synchronisation via USB, SMS, EMS, MMS, 256 MB embedded memory and Java MIDP 2.0. It offers an exceptional standby time of 295 hours due to its Li-ion 650 mAh battery. 8.FLY 2040L is one of the latest Fly mobiles which has the dimensions of 92mm X 50mm X 9.20mm. This smart phone carries a screen of 262 K TFT display. This phone has the ability to use a microSD and, therefore, the expandable memory can be increased up to 1 GB. GPRS is also there for Inter. support. This smart and elegant phone is Java enabled, therefore, it provides Java games as well as applications. 9.A slider phone FLY SX200 is an affordable device. Its features like Tri-band GSM connectivity, MP3 player, stereo Bluetooth, FM Radio, VGA photo camera, video recording / playback, WAP browser and speaker phone make it more classy. It is one of the smart Fly mobiles, which houses such stylish functionalities. People who are interested to buy these classic handsets can purchase online Fly mobiles. India is now a country which has many brands in the mobile world and, therefore, the customer can have any and every type of mobile handset in his hand. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: