Experts the price is expected to cut speculation and jumping up and down

Experts: the price is expected to cut and speculation and play a role of Xinhua News Agency Shanghai February 9th – (Wang Wangwang, Li Yayun) 8, New York oil prices closed at $29.69, a decline of 3.88%, has dropped three. When the price to $30 a barrel, the fluctuation of international oil prices increased significantly, or the price is often make people puzzled". "As long as the production of news to stimulate oil prices, but the fundamentals of international oil market changes little, is now expected to cut and speculation in action." Xiamen University Chinese Energy Economic Research Center Director Lin Boqiang pointed out that the current market participants have different views on the economic outlook, but overall more pessimistic, leading to the international crude oil market speculation is very active, current oil prices often fluctuate sharply. Nearly a period of observation in international oil prices, "or" monkey city "characteristics, volatility has significantly increased. Oil prices in New York as an example, in the 2016 New Year’s day, the price will usher in a wave of rapid decline, in 13 trading days slipped from $37 to $26.55, a decline of nearly 30%; since January 20th and there has been a wave of violence "rally, after only 7 trading days after the rebound in January 29th to close again back above $33, also rose nearly 30%; and in February 1st, 2, 3, three days, New York oil prices rise day were -5.95%, -5.5%, +8%. On the face of the news, the reaction of international oil prices is very fierce in the face of "true or false" production reduction news. Some analysts believe that excess supply and demand will continue to suppress the price of oil price in the future, is to continue to seek the bottom rebound is the key factor to "cut in oil producing countries". Lin Boqiang said that the production is difficult to achieve in the short term, but the international oil price is still expected to stabilize, because the price of $30 has low production cost to many producers under. China Energy Research Association vice chairman Zhou Dadi also believes that the current state of the international oil price is competitive price war, the elimination of some production capacity is one of the purpose of the price war, but the price is difficult to maintain long-term production of oil production in the state. According to the analysis of the Milky Way securities petrochemical industry analyst Wang Qiang, $30 oil prices have deviated from the full cost most in addition to Middle East oil company, the international oil prices should not be too pessimistic. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

专家:油价上蹿下跳是减产预期和投机起作用   新华社上海2月9日专电(王旺旺、李雅筠)8日,纽约油价收盘于29.69美元,跌幅为3.88%,已经连续三日下跌。当价格来到每桶30美元时,国际油价的波动幅度明显加大,时常“上蹿下跳”的价格颇让人“摸不着头脑”。   “任何只要有关减产的消息就能刺激油价,但国际石油市场的基本面变化不大,现在是减产预期和投机在起作用。”厦门大学中国能源经济研究中心主任林伯强指出,当前市场参与各方对经济前景有不同的看法,但整体来说比较悲观,从而导致国际原油市场上投机非常活跃,出现油价经常大幅上下波动的现状。   观察近一段时间的国际油价,“上蹿下跳”的“猴市”特征明显,波动幅度明显加大。以纽约油价为例,在2016元旦之后,价格就迎来了一波快速急跌,用时13个交易日就从37美元滑落到26.55美元,跌幅近30%;自1月20日之后又出现了一波“暴力”反弹行情,历经仅7个交易日的反弹后到1月29日收盘又回到33美元上方,涨幅也近30%;而2月1日、2日、3日三天间,纽约油价的单日涨跌幅度分别为-5.95%、-5.5%、+8%。   消息面上,面对着“亦真亦假”的减产消息,国际油价的反应波动十分剧烈。   有分析认为,供应过剩和需求不振将持续压制油价,未来油价是继续寻底还是反弹向上的关键因素就在产油国是否“减产”。   林伯强表示,减产虽难在短期内实现,但国际油价仍有望走稳,因为30美元的价格已低至不少产油国生产成本之下。   中国能源研究会副理事长周大地也认为,目前国际油价的状态是竞争性的价格战,淘汰部分产能是价格战的目的之一,而这种低价是石油生产国长期生产难以维持的状态。   据银河证券石化行业分析师王强分析,30美元的油价已偏离了除中东以外的大部分石油公司的完全成本,因此对国际油价不宜太过悲观。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: