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Weight-Loss Endocrine disruptors are when environmental chemicals mimic your hormones. Some cultures are thinner than others. Ever wonder why? We’re going to talk about principle # 4 of the 7 Principles of Fat Burning and the fact that environmental hormones and chemicals mimic your hormones, creating something called’s endocrine disruptors. There are so many who have had a hard time with weight loss. The fat just seems to stay on despite all they’ve tried to do to lose weight. Those skinny jeans are still hanging in the closet just wishing that they could be worn. Possibly, these people do not even know about fat burning hormones, and environmental hormones known as "endocrine disruptors". What is causing their fat burning hormones to not do their job? They can’t get rid of weight because they’ve been learning the wrong things when it comes to hormones. They have been told of many "facts" that were simply not true. Since they don’t have the right information they are doing things that won’t help them trigger their fat burning hormones to burn fat. These people did not know about the body type diet, fat burning hormones or endocrine disruptors and how these things affect the process of fat burning. Let’s go on to look at principle # 4 of the 7 Principles of Fat Burning. You are presently being exposed to synthetic environmental hormones daily, so it should become clear as to why obesity is becoming worse. We all know it but who wants to think about the fact that the meats and meat products we eat come from animals that have been given hormones. It does not matter if it’s chickens, turkeys, cattle and fish. Many people will try to tell you there is no proof these hormones and chemicals given to animals effect our bodies in any way. Yet if you go overseas to countries that don’t use these hormones, people are thinner – Europeans especially. We also can observe that chemicals have the ability to act just like the hormones in our very own bodies. Your food is sprayed with all kinds of toxic chemicals. Imagine if you forgot to wash the produce that you bought, who knows what you would be eating. The EPA calls these chemicals endocrine disruptors. What is meant by endocrine disruptors is any chemical that mimics, that blocks or that otherwise disrupts the normal functions of hormones. Conclusion There are so many factors that can affect your body when it comes to weight loss. You must pay attention to your body, what it is doing, and the signs it gives you. You should be able to determine your particular body shape and find the right body type diet specific to your body type. This is the most efficient means of losing weight. You should also start a detoxification regimen to eliminate the environmental chemicals and hormones that act as endocrine disruptors. Specific body type exercise and body type dieting will assist those who are struggling with weight issues. . Take a body type quiz to find out your body type if you want to learn more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: