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Eleven Zhengzhou bus push the love train to help single young and single – Beijing new network in Zhengzhou in November 11, (Wang Qiulan) November 11th, Zhengzhou three bus companies 57 bus launched a love train compartment, one is to increase the "singles day" atmosphere, also hope to help single off single men and women". "Now young people busy with work, work normally contact personnel is relatively small, especially as teachers, doctors, drivers and other occupation of young people, older youth more, if their personal information on the love train, then they ride in the process it is possible to find the right object." 57 dispatcher Guo Tianling told reporters. See the love train car bus reporter, in the pink heart-shaped balloon, heart-shaped, Love type pendant under the dress, the whole car immediately became warm up. Behind the long bus driver’s seat, the most eye-catching is a "we hand" red posters above is "love train" invites you to take off single words, the posters pasted blank white heart-shaped cards not only have single youth’s name, age, height and other basic information, but also some short dating advertising. Pictured passengers curious to watch the poster heart-shaped card. Wang Qiulan photo reporter in the process of taking the bus noted that all passengers who ride this bus have a surprise performance, some passengers thought the wrong car. Some passengers told reporters that the first time to ride such a bus feel very comfortable mood, the hearts of the trouble instantly disappeared, although he is not a single dog, but with the light of a single population. Dressed in a blue wool coat, the passengers Miss Gu after reading posters posted information, picked up the phone to take pictures and sent to the circle of friends. She told reporters: "my bestie is 26 years old this year, as an introvert, until now did not find a suitable object, wanted her to see the information perfectly after single off." It is understood that the downtown 57 bus route Zijingshan, two square, a day to take this route the crowd mostly in young people. Guo Tianling said, considering the single young person, they a week earlier in the planning, and organize the establishment of WeChat group, will be part of young men and women information written in the heart card, hope that through this form, to create a different atmosphere for their "blind date". Youth will be "single passenger ride" train of love ", to avoid the traditional dating awkwardness, if consistent with their respective conditions in the process of the meeting, the two sides will leave contact information to enhance understanding, and single success? It depends on their fate." Guo Tianling said with a smile. According to Guo Tianling introduction, as of 12 o’clock, there are already two pairs of young people have been registered in the room of the 57 scheduling information, and ready in the afternoon a certain period of time blind date". Another part of the youth because of the face, perhaps they have been in the "love train" quietly met, but this is not part of the statistics. (end)相关的主题文章: