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"Each lost two hundred million" rumors behind the Shenzhen Shuibei village truth – news water Pui Village Sohu grand Catholic feast the night of October 23rd, for the renewal of the city Shenzhen Luohu District Water Bay Village, at the site of the project before the 530 table Poon Choi feast, has become the focus of the day of the big map portals. The next few days, the network crazy pass water Pui Village of each compensation for the demolition of nearly 200 million in cash, creating nearly 600 billionaires". However, the "overnight" net posts, almost overnight after that was reversed — according to the Shenzhen police, "Shenzhen water Pui Village relocation compensation each at least 200 million" false information, 3 suspects in order to improve the rate of false news is public hits, administrative detention for 5 days. Baoan police briefing, according to media reports, the first of this false news of the public number is Shenzhen tide life". In October 27th, the press cover (thecover) of the public, reporters call the customer service hotline, the other to leadership is not "on the grounds declined an interview. So, what is the current situation of water Pui Village? The villagers are "the Big Dipper"? Cover news reporter visited. The present situation of water Pui Village: empty big site before the water Pui Village village (current chairman of Shenzhen city water Pui stock company) Zhang Xingxiang has told the media rumor that has now signed all the residents choose is accelerated, split ratio is 1:1. The new 160 thousand square meters of land for the movements of the original villagers room. Even if there is no 2 hundred million, but according to the current prices in Luohu District and the prospect of household valuation housing was lost in more than 10 million is calculated. The "urban village", "overnight" label, let the water bay village become the focus of public opinion. Now, the controversial village already deserted, ruins. The net worth of millions of indigenous people, has already moved to the other, a low-key calm day. Who lives near the water Pui Village residents Mr. Qin told news reporters cover (thecover), now the water Pui Village has been demolished almost, inside the aborigines and the tenants had already moved out, the whole village is a huge site. From Mr. Qin shot in the vicinity of the scene can be seen in the video, a large piece of the site was surrounded by iron, which has been demolished old buildings, excavators and trucks busy shuttling between. In October 27th, water Pui Village site has a site. People move away from tens of thousands of very low-key: rent a few days ago, here held a banquet in the great in strength and impetus. It is precisely because of this feast, making this land attracted much attention. "Most of the people who lived here were foreigners, many of whom had moved to the field." Qin said that the majority of local people rely on a lot of rent, has been able to live comfortably. He had seen two villages in the village of the elderly, under the name of the 3 suites, the monthly rent of up to 10000 yuan. Two people do not have a job, every day to take care of grandchildren. Wearing a low-key, can not see a lot of money." "2 hundred million" after the rumors issued, few villagers are willing to stand up to the media interview, probably not want to calm the life was disturbed." Shui Bei Cun town相关的主题文章: