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Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes nine floor held before the 1650 year old birthday concert "(Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 16 Dunhuang Xinhua (reporter Ding Sinan Zhuoma) the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival, spring river, Mogao Grottoes, the nine floor in front of the square, a Mogao Grottoes to commemorate the 1650 anniversary of the creation of the concert as about to. Chinese famous Pipa virtuoso Zhao Cong song "the Silk Road" flying bomb ", the sky Piaoqi drizzle, as if flying flowers shed rain," I feel there are countless statues flying flying towards me, "she said. This is the Dunhuang world cultural heritage Mogao Grottoes "birthday" 1650 anniversary, officials, scholars and experts from around the world in nearly half the time followed, through academic forums, cultural exhibitions, concerts and other forms of the ancient heritage "birthday". On the evening of 15, by the Dunhuang Research Institute, sponsored by Shanghai Yibo Gallery hosted the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes 1650 Anniversary Concert "held in Mogao Grottoes, China National Symphony Orchestra sound aesthetic movement on the nine floor to commemorate the 1650, before the sound of the first gouge wall echoes across time and space, through the ancient art of listening to symphony. Hangzhou, West Lake dance "Swan Lake", the first time before the Mogao Grottoes symphony in Dunhuang, so that the East and west culture collision, blend. Mogao Grottoes, as usual that night, quietly waiting for the audience from all over the world to share the event. A pillow of sparse moonlight, leaning back against the nine floor, lighting layout simple, more than and 100 people China National Symphony Orchestra started an unusual "outdoor performance". A song of Penghu worship passionate "red flag song" was a prelude to the concert. In addition, China famous conductor Chen Xieyang, Pipa virtuoso Zhao Cong and other artists, in the "Silk Road" flying, "Jasmine", "Arabian Nights" is along the Silk Road countries featured classic songs. Zhao Cong chose "the Silk Road" flying this classic song to the 1650 year old Mogao Grottoes. "This is a song I personally went to Dunhuang to find inspiration, completed in the United States, today was very touched when playing," said Zhao Cong. The same shock far more than Zhao Cong. The 77 year old Chen Xieyang is the first time in Dunhuang, the evening of 15 a total of 10 tracks, the first formal command of the 4 song encore. Chen Xieyang said in an interview with reporters, the first time in such a sacred place to perform, very shocking. This performance is Chinese and Western, Chinese ethnic music and Western Symphony fusion have unexpected wonderful." Since the 366 years of construction, the Mogao Grottoes has experienced a rise in 1650, abandoned, and rebirth of fate, has retained 735 caves and 45 thousand square meters of murals, sculptures and statues at more than 2, more than 5 pieces of unearthed literature and art, writing the change of Buddhist art development, enrich the life of ancient records the people, show a multi-cultural exchanges on the silk road. Wang Xudong, director of Dunhuang Institute said, in order to save the human permanent miracle, in order to protect the inheritance and innovation of Dunhuang hundred years passing the torch and the arts and culture in Dunhuang, generations of Mogao Grottoes people arduous one after another, and a group)相关的主题文章: