Dr. Qinghua students from the implementation of the 2017 — system x3210

Dr. Qinghua enrollment of 2017 to implement application – audit system 28 reporters from Tsinghua University admissions office was informed that from 2017 doctoral students of Tsinghua University, the full implementation of the "Application – audit system, different selection methods with the traditional doctoral admissions to the professional foreign language and written examination. According to Tsinghua University admissions director Liu Zhen introduction, "Application – audit system, is defined by the applicant, the Faculty of graduate admissions leading group organization material review group" comprehensive evaluation, merit "enrollment system to review the application materials selection and comprehensive evaluation group, a comprehensive study of the basic literacy and academic ability, academic interest. Application – audit process includes four stages of individual application, material review, comprehensive assessment and merit selection. According to the characteristics of different disciplines, different assessment methods. In order to improve the quality of doctoral admissions, Tsinghua University in 2011 began the pilot implementation of the application – audit system, this year decided to comprehensively promote the doctoral admissions application – Audit system. Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong said, "the application – audit system plays an important role in improving the quality of doctoral students, is a very meaningful measure of the comprehensive reform of the school, to play college enrollment autonomy, and promote the standardization and institutionalization of the building.相关的主题文章: