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Don’t laugh! A monk to change the history of Human Science – Sohu technology, "sky eight", "sweeping monk" the story has not seen? Can soothe the martial arts master, superb skills to help heroes back to life, people are acting unmoved either by gain or loss…… Lulu recently found a real monk, he let the world scientific progress lag for thousands of years; Newton can succeed, thanks to a confused thing the monk. In this story, in 1998, the French found a moldy prayer book, with a twist of symbols and Greek letters, charts and tables. The appearance of the book was really ugly. So in 1998, the book was sold for up to $two million! This book turned out to be the only work of the greatest ancient Greek mathematician, Archimedes! Archimedes lived more than 200 years ago, these words more than two thousand years of inheritance is not easy…… What did Archimedes write? The researchers say Hin is difficult: too many characters in the book are covered by religious prayers, we simply can not see it? Monk appeared: 700 years ago, monk to write a prayer book, the parchment paper is precious. It was the sweeper who was in charge of the book, so he decided to use it to write a prayer! The original book was cut into two halves, the original handwriting has been wiped clean. The buyer of the book hired a team of researchers to use X light to scan for nine years to see the information in it! On the left is the appearance of the prayer book, the right side is illuminated by X light to see a little text. Pit father monk! The results are also very impressive: Archimedes in the book to calculate the area and volume of curved objects! This idea was later developed into college students are familiar with friends: calculus. So who is the inventor of the calculus? Newton and Leibniz, the two were not published until 1700 or so. The era of Archimedes’s calculus was over in 1900! People in this country have commented that the sweep of the monk is one of the most important decisions in the history of mankind, if anyone has seen the book, the results of the calculus. Our astronomy, mechanics, biology, engineering, economics, there will be great progress, science fiction in the context of human life has long been achieved! It was a real bargain, Newton, and you felt that Newton had worked with Archimedes two thousand years ago, and became a great mathematician like Archimedes. Newton: monk you are my mentor!" I don’t believe in the story of the sweeper! Oh, you ask why Archimedes did not directly produce calculus? The legend is that, when the ancient invasion of Rome, Rome soldiers went directly to Archimedes’s house, the old gentleman is mud in front of the circle to concentrate on their study of geometry, the soldier said: "you go away, don’t touch my figure".  相关的主题文章: