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Overtime Wang don’t Cry 3 strokes to save your night stay "missing face" lead: overtime Wang is sad reminder, not only the boss will give you look, the skin has not been able to rest, also give you some "color" look, dark, rough, face without any light! How can you find your spring with such a "missing face"?. (source: beauty female network) overtime Wang don’t Cry 3 ways to save your "lack of sleep face", the earth people know the importance of high quality sleep on the skin, but, for today’s professional women, especially overtime Wang, want to be a sleeping beauty is not! Can! Can! Obviously, now is already spring, but their spring is still so far away, this is the "lack of sleep face" to blame. Below, Amy teaches you to activate your skin. Now, as Wang you hurry to work overtime, check there is no lack of sleep these small problems: 1: often float powder powder out, need to spend more time playing makeup, makeup does not cover the pores, simply cannot be seen! 2: black eye gradually deepened, looking at no previous spirit; wrinkles have not yet appeared, but the eyes have been seen a little drooping, do not know when began to change into the eight character eye! 3: inexplicable long Doudou acne, a long time not disappear, not easy to heal, but fell a dark spot. 4: skin lacks luster, elasticity, feel old ten years old, see a good crazy, there is wood. "Lack of sleep" small trouble, never expect it? These symptoms are due to the long-term skin in "lack of sleep" excited state, oil, pigment, inflammatory factors are too active, resulting in drops. We are not tyrant, we can not resign directly, go home to sleep beauty bar! Don’t worry. Look down first! Love beauty Xiaobian teach you 3 kinds of situation amplification recruit, let you work overtime stay up late, lack of sleep face"! Sleep less? Improving efficiency is the key to the formation of "missing face", the most important plateau is to sleep less! What should I do? Our body and skin have their own rhythm, and we can be efficient if we follow them well. If you can only sleep 4 hours today, it is recommended to go to bed before 23, set the alarm clock, and get up in the morning to continue to struggle. Because midnight is the most active time for the body to renew itself and repair, and it’s critical to seize this time. Can’t sleep? Let the skin to sleep well the night Wang stayed overtime overtime is common, since this time can not sleep, do not let the skin to "sleep"? Even if one is working overtime, don’t forget to be nice to yourself. Point to a fragrant incense candle, you can smell to the brain "emotion processing zone", let your mood state has different changes, if you want to cheer up, choose grapefruit, lemon, mint best; and to relax, choose frankincense or chamomile right. Overtime work keeps our body and brain active for a long time, even if it is too tired to move a finger, but we can’t sleep when we lie down! Send you a sleep tips, a microwave oven heating small hot pillow, before going to bed at the shoulder and neck hot compress for 10 minutes, to ensure your night sleep and sweet incense. But Xiao Bian suggests that it’s better to have a hot bath before bedtime.

加班汪别哭 3招拯救你的熬夜“缺觉脸”   导语:加班汪就是悲催,不但上司会给你脸色看,皮肤一直得不到休息也会给你点“颜色”看看,暗沉粗糙脸上无半点光!顶着这样一张“缺觉脸”你怎么寻找你的春天。(来源:爱美女性网) 加班汪别哭 3招拯救你的“缺觉脸”   地球人都知道高质量睡眠对皮肤的重要性,可是,对于现在的职业女性尤其是加班汪来说,想当一个睡美人根本就是不!可!能!明明现在都已经是春天了,可是自己的春天却还那么遥远,这都是“缺觉脸”惹的祸。下面,爱美小编教你激活你的肌肤。   Now,身为加班汪的你,赶紧来自查一下有没有下面这些“缺觉”小困扰吧:   1:经常浮粉掉粉,需要花更多时间来打底妆,遮盖毛孔,不化妆简直就不能见人!   2:黑眼圈日渐加深,看着没有以前精神了;皱纹还没有出现,可眼角已经看出有点微微下垂,不知道从什么时候开始变成了八字眼!   3:莫名长了颗痘痘,好久都不消,好不容易愈合了,却落下一个深色斑点。   4:肌肤缺乏光泽、弹性,感觉老了十岁,看了好抓狂有木有。 “缺觉”小困扰   万万没想到吧?这些症状都是因为肌肤长期处于“缺觉”的亢奋状态,油脂、色素、炎症因子过于活跃所导致滴。我们又不是土豪,总不能直接辞职,回家睡美容觉吧!   别着急,先往下看!爱美小编教你分3种情况放大招,让你加班熬夜不熬“缺觉脸”!   睡得少?提高效率是关键   形成的“缺觉脸”最重要的塬因就是睡得少!怎么办?我们的身体和皮肤都有自己的节奏,好好遵循就可以高效率。如果注定今天只能睡4个小时,建议在23点之前上床,定好闹钟,在凌晨起来继续奋斗。因为,子夜时分是人体自我更新和修复最活跃的时刻,抓住这段时间至关重要。   睡不了?让皮肤先睡就好   加班汪熬夜加班是常事,既然这个时候不能睡,不如不让肌肤先“睡”呢?即使一个人在加班,也不忘对自己好一点。点一个香香的香薰蜡烛,能藉由嗅觉通往大脑“情感处理区”,让自己的心情状态有不同的变化,若想使精神振奋,选葡萄柚、柠檬、薄荷最好;而要放松情绪,选乳香或洋甘菊就对了。   加班工作让我们的身体与大脑长期处于活跃的状态,哪怕是加完班累得不想动一根手指头了,可是躺下了却已经睡不着!送你一个助眠小贴士,准备一个可以微波炉加热的小热枕,睡前在肩膀和颈部热敷10分钟,保证你一夜睡得又香又甜。   不过小编还是建议最好在睡前进行一个热水浴!冬春入睡时,人体的平均体温会下降,用洗热水澡的方式可以让身体跟舒适。当你从浴室出来时,身体会进入一个非常舒服的模式,更有助于睡眠。   加班熬夜?做到这5步就好   Step1: 泡泡洗颜摆脱灰头土脸   加班汪都有这样的经验:上洗手间时被镜子里的自己吓到,灰头土脸太丑了!其实这都是“自由基”搞的鬼,因为压力、烦躁等等都会使的体内自由基急遽窜高,脸色自然不好看,方便简单的泡泡式洗颜用起来准没错!   Step2: 淋巴按摩排毒素   肌肤制造的毒素、代谢的废物,都是经由淋巴排出的,经历一整天高压的工作,肌肤上的淋巴如果堵塞了可就麻烦了!保养前可以花一分钟先畅通淋巴,保养自然能够达到事半功倍的效果。淋巴位于肌肤浅层,位置比血管还浅,所以按摩时要轻柔,太用力推反而会拭去排毒效果的!   Step3: 两遍爽肤不怕肌肤闹干荒   熬夜易爆痘,不管你是有痘还是无痘,痘可以用化妆棉蘸取有水杨酸的化妆水轻轻擦拭(有痘的在痘痘处多擦一次),然后用精华水拍全脸,做到两遍水,先清洁,再保湿,为下一步打好基础!勤劳保湿再也不怕肌肤闹干荒啦~   Step4: 肌底导入   先别急着擦精华,给疲劳的肌肤来一个小甜点,那就是肌底精华,看似多了一步麻烦,但它可以为你的后续保养打好了通路,熬夜脸、缺觉脸不能好好吸收的困扰也解决了。   Step5: 重点精华加强   这一步完全可以按自己的需求来,根据自己的皮肤状态选择美白、保湿或者修护的精华,仔细涂抹就可以了,熟龄肌可以考虑看看成分更高逼格的高机能产品哦。   还在加班的友友们,记得不要偷懒不保养哦。相关的主题文章: