Dog Kidney Problems – Regular Screening

Pets History shows that dogs have always been an integral part of our world and in these modern times dog kidney problems have be.e an emotional and financial stress for many households. For those early hunter/gatherers, it is easy to see why the dogs were important. The dogs were faster, more agile and had sharper senses. Our family dog, even as an old boy, can hear the lid of the biscuit tin open, smell the delicious contents, vault the sofa and gallop down the hall to the kitchen, before any of the children get a chance to say custard cream. Though dogs are still used as hunting and herding .panions, it is their other early roll, as protector, that has developed over the many years to win them their rightful place as family member. The protector responsibility is now a two way role and we must be aware of illnesses, especially the onset of kidney problems in dogs whilst providing them with love, shelter and food. Just like we take our children for their regular health checks, we also take our beloved family pet to the veterinary clinic for regular screening for kidney problems in dogs. When sickness strikes any family member, everyone else gets anxious. When one of the children had chicken pox, the dog sat a bedside vigil. If we were to miss the early signs of kidney failure in our dog, the whole family would be distressed by his suffering and ultimately his passing. The symptoms of dog kidney problems are easy to miss and kidney failure in dogs is often so fast acting that the family can often be left with guilty feeling for not acting sooner. Even if you have spotted some sort of problem, it can frequently be misdiagnosed. The out.e is much sunnier for an early diagnosis, as the initial damage is less. Veterinary bills can be crushing. Initial costs include blood tests, consultations and kidney flushing. If your dog responds well at this stage, you will then still face a period from a few weeks up to 4 years, paying for treatment and special diets. At the end of each month, you have the gruelling choice of what to spend, what little money you have left, on? More kidney flushing, more medication, or new toys, books or game consoles? Explaining this terrible choice to the children can be beneficial and increase their .passion, but it’s heartbreaking all the same. Our in.e already only stretches so far. Unless your dog has good insurance, a kidney transplant is probably out of the question for most families, who have many drains on their in.e already. Perhaps the best plan of action is to PREVENT these kidney problems by following research into its causes. Research is beginning to show links with diet, specifically in the dried dog food arena and although we have always believed that kidney problems in dogs are usually symptoms of old age, more young animals are being diagnosed with related problems., blaming toxins, bacteria and GMO’s to name but a few. Research into these causal links will hopefully make dog kidney problems a thing of the past. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: