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Is Python A Good First Language To Learn For First Time Learners? Posted By: Steve Nellon

Python development Is Django Good For Web Development? Posted By: Ken Miller Web development and 21st century: In 21st century if something has crossed all the expectations and prediction of the industry is none other than web domain. Everyday there are many web applications are introduced to the industry with an ambition to rule the industry; but few of them come out as fortunate where as many disappear from the industry. This is due to a tremendous competition in the industry from every angle. Users choose the better quality web applications and reject others. Hence in order to sustain in the market we must produce quality web application for the users. This is not the end! Industry has seen a stupendous growth of smart devices in past decade like smart phones and tablets. These devices are enabled with GPRS, 2G and 3G which make web browsing possible from within the device. As a result the browsing of websites from these devices has increased in a magical way recently. This environment triggers web developers to create better websites or web apps in an efficient way and in fewer time frames.

Hire Python developers Top Python Frameworks That Developers Should Make Use Of Posted By: Srikrishna Das According to a number of recent surveys, Python is the most popular coding language of 2015. As Python is a general purpose programming language, it is used widely as a server side scripting language for building modern websites and web applications. In comparison to other programming languages, Python enables programmers to express concepts by writing less code. The web developers also have option to curtail coding time by using several Python web frameworks. As the frameworks support a wide variety of activities, it becomes easier for programmers to drastically reduce the overall coding time. Top Python Frameworks for Web Development Django Django is considered to be the best Python framework for web development. Along with a rich library, Django also comes with a decent template engine and object relation mapping (ORM). As it features a lightweight development and testing server, the users are not required to deploy the applications on any external server. Django also effectuated web development by providing features like administrator interface, extendable authentication system, sites framework, and tools to generate Google sitemaps and RSS feeds. TurboGears As the next generation framework for web development, TurboGears aims to overcome the limitations of Django and Ruby on Rails.

Hire Django developers What Makes Python Suitable For Web Development? Posted By: Ken Miller Python- Reinvented in web era: Python was conceived in 1980s and get born in 90s and reinvented in 21st century. It was highly inspired from C++ and Java. The tagline of Python is Batteries included that means it is pre loaded with all required methods, classes and modules. Probably it has the largest size of libraries in the industry. Hence, it makes the development process not only faster but also easier. Well before it get reinvented by Google, it was in a haphazard manner but it get a new look and shape by Google through its ambitious project i.e. Unladen Swallow. During this project the entire approach and internal design process get modified along with deletion of many duplicate components. This process helped the framework to perform much better than before. Anyway, though Python has the capability to develop any type of application, but it is widely used for developing enterprise standard web solutions in recent period. Web applications that need both power and speed can take the help of python developers in building industry standard web solutions. Let us see how it can help the web developers of the industry and up to which extent?

python application development Different Python Editors That Help In Development For Your Tablet Posted By: Ken Miller

Outsource Python application development Django – Why Is It The Best Web Framework For Python? Posted By: Ken Miller Django is a web framework based on Python which encourages pragmatic, clean design as well as rapid development. This high-level, open source framework allows the building of elegant, high-performing, feature-rich as well as clean applications quickly. Since the basis of Django is Python it is enriched with all the features as well as advantages of Python. The elegant and clean syntax has full support of a huge library of contributed as well as standard modules that cover a vast range of actions. Naturally, this ensures that it remains the best web framework for Python. Beautiful, readable URLs- Generally URLs of websites developed in PHP or ASP cannot be read properly. It is here that Django stands apart; the URLs developed here are perfectly readable. This is not only good for the humans but for search engines as well since it is a factor for page importance, making it search engine friendly. URL construction of some other frameworks is somewhat close to it but the ease of creation makes using Django URLs a nice experience. Powerful ORM system- The Object-Relational Mapping system of this platform is really robust, supporting huge data systems set.

Hire Python developers Python Vs Perl- The Pros & Cons Posted By: Ken Miller Both Python as well as Perl are scripting languages with similar purposes for usage. However, the philosophies of the languages are completely different from each other. Coders are almost forced by Python to adhere to specific conventions in coding. However, in Perl, the same problem can be solved in various ways. There has been quite a debate on which programming language to choose among these two but there is no point in continuing that debate as both have their own sets of pros and cons. Unless a careful look is given to analyse what can be tolerated and what cannot, it is fruitless to decide which one is better for your requirements. Python This general purpose programming language is quite high level and is most known for the highly readable codes which help in achieving of a variety of things with just a few code lines. Dynamic typing, modules, dynamic high-level data types, classes as well as exceptions are incorporated by the language. There are interfaces to several system libraries, calls along with several systems that are Windows-based. Pros Some great features that have contributed towards its popularity include: 1. Being open source, it is freely available. 2.

Python Development Moving From Python 2.7 To 3- Some Pros & Cons Posted By: Srikrishna Das

Hire Python developers Pillars Of Python: Six Python Web Frameworks Posted By: Ruth Jackson Python is a great programming language and it has some cool features which makes it more demanding among the developers. It has the perfect combination of high performance and extensive features that makes writing programs both fun and easy. It runs on almost every OS – Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X and has been ported to the Java and .NET virtual machines. PHP and Python are two of the world’s most popular web programming languages at the moment and naturally both have their own set of pros and cons. Some of the mammoth sites like Facebook and Google are developed in PHP and Python respectively. Python can do many useful things right out of the box and provides all the basic tools and features that programmers have to expect of a major programming language. It has a very powerful but simplistic way of doing object-oriented programming, especially when compared to big languages like C++ or Java. Because of this open source nature, Python has been ported to work on many platforms. Python is a complete programming solution and it proves its best with these three vital points.

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