Director of purchasing 2676 bottles of Moutai men posing cheat jailed for 10 years innawoods

Director of purchasing 2676 bottles of Moutai men posing cheat jailed for 10 years, the original title: Director of purchasing 2676 bottles of Moutai men posing cheat jailed for 10 years in   an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported that in order to get a sum of money in a short period of time for the return of debt and consumption, Ding thought of a bad idea. He pretended to be the head of the purchasing department, bought more than 2 thousand bottles of Moutai in the name of the company, and sold them. Recently, Ding guilty of fraud was sentenced to imprisonment. Ding is a city of Hefei, college education, more than and 30 years old, is a large unit distribution center staff. From December 2014 to July 2015, Ding posing as the purchasing director of the center of their own units, in order to supply the first payment after the sale of liquor from Anhui, a science and technology company to buy a Moutai somewhere. Ding said to Wu, he is the purchasing director of large units, the need to buy a large number of 53 degrees flying Moutai, used as a unit of daily use of alcohol. To dispel concerns, he came up with the name of the official seal of the unit to the dealer inspection. Also led the dealer to visit their units, the two sides are still in the conference room units to negotiate. In the end, Wu believes that Ding is in the purchase of Moutai liquor for the unit. Half the time 8 times a Nadine away Moutai wine, owe a lot of debt, Wu found that it might be a hoax, he reported to the police. It is understood that the Ding family is better, but because the usual high level of consumption, after the divorce and find a girlfriend, the daily expenses cost greatly, so he has done a lot of credit card, credit card is not on the loan shark. Because more and more arrears, he will buy wine in the form of cash. Ding used to buy low and sell high, will be purchased for resale to the Moutai wine gift shop recycling company, to raise funds. Ding for the implementation of fraud, illegal "distribution center" seals, many of their units of fraudulent use of identity, in succession from the Wu at a total of 2676 bottles of wine for flying Moutai. In this process, because Wu repeatedly bombarded arrears, to obtain the trust of Wu, Ding has paid part of the wine is 1 million 477 thousand yuan. After the identification of 2676 bottles of Moutai worth $2 million 140 thousand and 800. Deducted from the payment of wine, ding a total of 663 thousand and 800 yuan fraud wine. In August 5, 2015, Ding Mou surrendered voluntarily to the public security organs, and truthfully confessed his crime. Recently, the high tech Zone court ruling, Ding guilty of fraud, sentenced to ten years and fined $three hundred thousand. The other shall be ordered to make restitution of 663 thousand and 800 yuan ding. Source: Zhong an online editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: