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Business The evolution of diamond cross design pendant is quiet interesting. The idea of cross deigned pendant seems to have originated from the arrangement of stars in the galaxy. A group of stars known as Asterism smaller than the constellation in our astrology in the south polar part of the southern Carina consists of four bright stars forming a diamond shape or a cross. The idea cross deign that was adopted by observing the arrangement of stars in the sky above and was brought to the earth below employing the idea in the line of jewelries and accessories. The cross design symbolizes faith and wearing a cross jewelry emphasizes on the fact that he/she is a religious person. But what is the history of diamond studded cross pendants? It is assumed that some of the Jewish living peacefully in the Eastern Europe was talented jewelers that travel a lot to promote their products. They sold many precious stones including diamonds en route, which has higher demands from that time until now in almost all types of jewelry. Because of their trade they got their identity as merchants of precious stones. Persuading their style of attaching stones to any jewelry people, particularly jewelry designers started attaching gemstones on any jewelry they make especially on those cross. Hence from that time it became more of a fashion statement giving rise to diamond cross pendant. As everyone knows that diamond is an expensive gemstone that enhances the value and the beauty of any material where it is attached to no wonder why diamond cross pendants is so popular and expensive. Alone the gemstone diamond could not be the factor behind the dearest price value of the diamond cross pendants. There are several other factors that affects the value of the diamond cross pendants. The bigger the size of the gemstone the more expensive will be the pendant. Diamond cross pendant with a perfect cut gemstone also increase the price. The metal that supports the diamond cross gemstones also plays a major role in defining the price of the jewelry. .monly used metal in making a diamond cross jewelry are two-tone gold and white gold metals and the purity of these metal is another great factor that also rule the price of a diamond cross jewelry. Because there is a great demand for diamond cross jewelries, probably because it symbolizes the two F’s that is Faith and Fashion all in one so the designers are more focused on having diamond cross designed jewelry in every jewelry collection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: