Dad acute myocardial infarction two times alcohol drink two cups of wine to lose life insurance

Dad: acute myocardial infarction two times alcohol drink two cups of wine. They lead to multiple alcoholic myocardial infarction, but still do not listen to orders every day, do not drink wine is uncomfortable, drinking liquor after myocardial infarction results today to attack again, thanks to the timely rescue saved a life. Live in Hankou Stadium Road, the horse father is 68 years old this year, there are 40 years of age he every day to drink at least half a catty liquor. In 2005, the horse father sudden heart attack at home, sent to hospital, rehabilitation of heart stent surgery. Before discharge, the doctor told him to give up smoking and drinking, the horse father verbally agreed, but did not strictly enforce. After less than 3 months in 2009, he began drinking again, acute myocardial infarction was admitted to the hospital, was discharged, the horse father to the doctor that "shibuguosan" will no longer drink. But less than a year, the horse father began to feel good, white wine before the end of every day, drink at least half a catty. At noon today, two cups of liquor just eaten, he suddenly felt getting chest pain, body sweating, was immediately sent to the family of Wuhan city sixth hospital, diagnosed with acute anterior myocardial infarction. More than two hours after the operation, third times the horse father pull back from the jaws of death. "Don’t drink, I swear in abstinence." The bed of the horse father either, clutching his chest to a doctor for a self review. The hospital department of Cardiology director Professor Zhang Suchuan said that once the onset of acute myocardial infarction mortality rate is very high, like the horse father three times so very lucky to have survived. Myocardial infarction patients relapse, often have a great relationship with the bad habits. Continue to stay up all night, excessive fatigue, smoking and drinking are the direct cause of myocardial infarction, myocardial infarction patients must quit smoking after treatment, otherwise the condition is likely to happen again." Zhang Suchuan reminder, sooner or later, a larger temperature difference in autumn, the temperature fluctuated, is the peak of myocardial infarction. In patients with coronary heart disease and cardiac stents installed in myocardial infarction patients must pay attention to diet and lifestyle, regular visits, chest pain and discomfort should immediately seek medical treatment. (reporter Li Han)相关的主题文章: