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Interior-Decorating The last thing that you want, even if you shopped there, is for guests to your home to feel that were visiting IKEA themselves. There is something to be said for adding a personalized touch to your home or even NY office furniture so that you never encounter the faux pas that happens in the fashion world, when you show up at a fabulously divine event, proudly man-handling your Gucci bag, only to run into someone else carrying the same bag. And second to having someone comment on how much they love IKEA as soon as theyve stepped foot in your home, has got to be the guest who says, I have the same table in my living room. I just love it, dont you? So what exactly does customizing your furniture entail? Its exactly as it sounds, cus-to-miz-ing. Its all about taking just that little longer to say what you want your home to say. Let it breathe. Go creative. Paint the walls soft pink if you want to. And pick the furniture that matches your personality and style. Sometimes to get it all right, you need to opt the DIY design, and that includes the furniture. You want people coming into to your home to comment on what an experience it was. The only drawback is that as they sink into your sofa, and sip their wine and listen to Enya, youll probably find its hard to get them to leave. Customizing your furniture is a story in itself. Youll want to schedule an appointment with a design consultant and put your ideas on the table. Theyll work with what you come up with and help your vision just part of the furniture so-to-speak. Youll want to go wood because if home is where the heart is, the real heart is in the wood. Wood furniture speaks authentic and solid and crafted. Bring the family around the oak table and youll know what wood offers, that the alternatives dont. Myself, years I ordered an oak table from a small family-run NYC furniture shop, where you knew that you were getting one-of-a-kind. Mine came with two pull out drawers so that the silver cutlery is easily accessible. I love my kitchen table. Its for my friends and family as much as for me. has 20 years in the furniture industry and they will work with hand with you from conception to creation. They design and craft high-quality custom wood products for homes, and have a growing reputation. Book your free design consultation today. ..nyccustomfurniture../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: