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Software Nowadays many enterprises adopt keylogger as one of the .pany network management tools. Keyloggers can be used to back up what you have done and what you are doing on the .puter. Today I will use this article to introduce some information about keyloggers to you. As I mentioned above, keyloggers are often used by enterprises for network management, while since its not that professional in .pany network management, its used by parents to record childrens .puter use at most time. Sometimes text editors also use it to back up keystrokes in real time, while the keyloggers will not practically when they type, erase, copy and paste the data over and over, because the recorded data is hard to recognized and organized when you review the logs collected by keyloggers. You need to choose suitable backup program depending on what your work is and what your requirement is. For example, if you are a text editor who frequently changes the sentence structure and text contents in the process of typing text, you should know that when the changes take place, the keylogger cant intelligently change the record based on your changes in the text, it will record all the operations and words you have done on the text including delete, copy, paste, etc. and in this case, keyloggers cant effectively provide you with backup feature and you can hardly quickly retrieve what you have typed in the .puter. However, if you are a writer who is very experienced in writing contents without making many changes in the process of creation, then the keyloggers will be a good tool for you to record and backup contents you typed. Now theres another problem, what kind of keyloggers should you choose? Keyloggers can be divided into two main categories hardware keyloggers such as USB keyloggers and keylogger software which includes .puter monitoring software or .puter tracking software, etc. Hardware keyloggers are often quite expensive, and the anti-malware program cant detect them. However this kind of keyloggers need more physical access to the .puter and the keyloggers themselves, so if a person find it, then no doubt it is going to be uninstalled or the logs in it will be accessed by other users. And the USB keyloggers need to periodically clean up by users otherwise it fails to record keystrokes when its memory is full. And the keylogger software now is extended to be able to record visited sites, used applications, clipboard activities and screenshots, etc. Some keylogger software even has parental control features such as block websites , block applications including PC games, limit Internet user time. Since the child won’t be aware of the dangers lurking on the Internet and the threats of long time on the .puter, parents need to manage and control children Inter. use to ensure their online safety. Keylogger software is able to track what they typed in, and what they browsed on the Inter., so parents can know that children have done and what they will do on the Inter. from the logs collected by the program. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: