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Fashion-Style Swimming is said to be the best exercise and it has been found that people who swim regularly are able to keep themselves fit and in shape. But for this great exercise you have to take care of yourself if you are swimming in a swimming pool. Chlorine is added in swimming pools to keep the water bacteria free but it has its hazards too. On one side chlorine keeps the water safe from bacteria and on the other side it leads to several hazards that people have to suffer from. Chlorine causes itching and skin irritation, causes colour fade and decreases longevity of your swim wear if not rinsed properly and in some cases it may also lead to asthma and gall bladder cancer. To cope with these disadvantages of chlorine, you can use Chlorine resistant leggings and swim wear. Leggings are fitted clothing that cover the legs. Experts have re.mended the use of chlorine resistant leggings in order to counter the hazards of chlorinated water. Swimwear manufacturers across the globe have laid emphasis on marketing of the chlorine resistant leggings leg swimwear. These garments are specifically used to minimize the adverse effects of chlorinated water. The chlorine resistant leggings are made up of Lycra and are available in different sizes, colors and designs. Lycra garments are durable and are not so prone to color fade. Another swimsuit for fitness swimmers who have to be in chlorinated pool water for long hours is a leg swimwear. Leg swimwear especially the ones that are fully cut, have squared-off legs with strips racing on the both the hips and fully lined are the most preferred ones and swimmers are very .monly seen sporting these types of leg swimwear . Leg swim wears are mostly 100% nylon tricot and are highly resistant to chlorine. If you are not a regular swimmer, it’s okay if you don’t spend too much on swimwear. You can always go for cheap swimwear . On the inter. also, you can find so many websites that sell cheap swimwear for the people who cannot afford to spend much on their swimwear. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: