Chinese prime minister’s first visit to Cuba 56 years writing a medieval friendship – Beijing

Chinese prime minister’s first visit to Cuba 56 years writing a medieval friendship – China News Agency in Beijing on 26 September, Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) in two days, China is the 56 anniversary of diplomatic relations with cuba. On the eve of China, Premier Li Keqiang’s trip to Cuba, is considered to be an important visit in writing the friendship. Although this is the first visit to Cuba by the Chinese prime minister, but the Middle Ages friendship has a very good foundation. Several Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and the president of the Republic of China have visited Cuba, and Cuban leaders, both of them, Mr. Although far away, but the two countries have a natural psychological proximity. In January 1959, Fidel, President of the Cuban revolution led by the victory of Castro. In September 28, 1960, China established diplomatic relations with Cuba, maintained a close relationship between "good comrades, good friends and good brothers" between the two countries, in "sugar for rice" has been on 60s Beijing century become a favourite tale, and even a primary school named Huangchenggen primary school. During the visit, Li Keqiang said that 56 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries have made new progress in bilateral relations. China adheres to the policy of friendship in the Middle East, supports the determination of Cuba to take the socialist road, and promotes the direction of pragmatic cooperation in the middle ages. Under the new situation, China is willing to work with the Cuban side close high-level exchanges, deepen pragmatic cooperation, strengthen communication and coordination in international affairs and promote the continuous development of Sino Cuban relations. China former ambassador to Cuba Xu Yicong told News Agency reporters, "three change" focus on the development of medieval relations in the new era, the expression of determination and confidence to strengthen political mutual trust, economic cooperation, humanities mutual learning, promote bilateral relations forward. At the same time, we also emphasize the pragmatic cooperation in the new period, China diplomacy emphasizes mutual benefit, which is an important measure to make friends, and seek common development. Li Keqiang during the visit to Cuba, the two countries signed nearly 30 agreement between the government and commercial contracts, covering many fields of economy, finance, production cooperation, information communication, new energy, inspection and quarantine, it should be said is the best annotation for pragmatic cooperation. Xu Yicong said that the current Chinese is deepening reform, adjusting the economic structure, Cuba is actively promoting the economic model update, pragmatic cooperation between the two sides should have enormous potentiality, not only reflected in the expansion of commodity trade, including investment cooperation in manufacturing, automotive, communications, agriculture, tourism and infrastructure. For the lack of funds in Cuba, investment demand may be more urgent. Li Keqiang, chairman of the Council of state and chairman of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, said in his meeting with President Raul, pointed out that the current economic development of the ancient capital of the face of the urgent task of improving people’s livelihood, the people’s livelihood, the people’s Republic of China in. China is willing to develop cooperation with Cuba focus, support ancient industrialization process, carry out infrastructure planning and construction of industrial equipment manufacturing industry cooperation; the expansion of trade and investment and financing cooperation; to share development experience, to carry out intelligence cooperation; expand cultural exchanges, strengthen the cultivation of young talents, let the friendship pass from generation to generation in the development. "Although in 2015, the volume of trade in the Middle Ages exceeded 2 billion US dollars, an increase of nearly $60%," he said相关的主题文章: