China’s young students continue to maintain two digit growth – People’s network Hainan Channel –

China’s young students continue to maintain two digit growth — people’s network Hainan Channel – People’s network of China Education Online 22 released 2016 China overseas study development trends report. The report points out that the age structure of overseas students in China is changing rapidly, and the young students who take the middle school as the main body develop rapidly. The report pointed out that, in the United States, the growth of graduate students has stagnated, undergraduate students continue to grow steadily, graduate students accounted for nearly 80% from 10 years ago, fell to 42% last year, this year will continue to fall to below 40%. Strikingly, small international students studying in the United States grew strongly. As of November 2015, the number of primary and secondary school students in the United States has reached 34578, accounting for 52% of the international primary and secondary school students studying in the United States, and continue to maintain two digit growth ratio. According to the report, with this small study heat, and control of national public school held the International Department, domestic and international school is rising rapidly, the original survival difficult private schools, have to change over to international schools, students strong. Due to the widespread misunderstanding and over beautification and simplification of western education by public opinion, the security of studying abroad will become an important issue in the future, accompanied by the rise of young students. More and more students to complete the studies, expelled or discouraging students increased significantly, the biggest reason is not the result is not good, it is a violation of school basic rules standard, including learning exam cheating, should pay more attention to parents and students. (commissioning editor Pan Huiwen and Jiang Chengliu)

我国赴美低龄留学生继续保持两位数增长–人民网海南频道–人民网   中国教育在线22日发布《2016年中国出国留学发展趋势报告》。报告指出,我国留学生的年龄结构正在发生快速变化,以中学生为主体的低龄留学生发展迅速。   报告指出,赴美留学生中,研究生增长已经停滞,本科生则继续稳定增长,研究生占比已经从10年前的近80%,跌落至去年的42%,今年将继续下降至40%以下。引人注意的是赴美读中学的小留学生增长强劲。截至2015年11月,赴美就读的中小学生已经高达34578人,占在美就读的国际中小学学生的52%,并继续保持两位数增长比例。   报告认为,伴随这股小留学生热,以及国家对公办学校举办国际部的控制,国内国际学校迅速兴起,原来生存艰难的私立学校,纷纷改换门庭为国际学校,生源旺盛。由于社会舆论对西方教育普遍存在误解和过度美化、简单化现象,伴随低龄化留学的兴起,留学安全将成为未来一个重要的问题。无法完成学业的学生越来越多,被开除或劝退的学生显著增长,最大原因并不是成绩不好,而是违反学校基本规矩规范的问题,包括学习考试舞弊,应当引起家长与学生的高度重视。 (责编:潘惠文、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: