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China Telecom security products operations center Liu Ziqian: Fishing Website annual increase of dozens of times — Finance — original title: China Telecom security products operations center Liu Ziqian: phishing sites every year dozens of times increase of China Telecom Co network security product operations center CEO Liu purple thousand photograph: China Chinese financial network financial network news September 9th Chinese net financial news September 8th seventeenth September 8th -9 Chinese financial forum held in beijing. China Telecom Co network security operations center CEO Liu Ziqian said at the meeting, phishing sites shocking reality, digital rising, growth of a few times each year, and there are a large number of phishing sites are outside, so to the phishing site handling and disposal, validity and timeliness of challenges. The following of speech; Liu Ziqian: the presence of leaders and members of the banking and financial industry friends, good morning everyone, I’m Liu colorful, from China Telecom. Just listen to the information safety management of many banks, some opinion leaders including wind control department and expert, I think my topic may just before the special guest speaker, Minsheng Bank Chinese cattle total statement is a echo, he said his a tangle of just one difficulties or banking friends, is the feeling of something outside the walls of the solution to the powerless, or not a starting point. China Telecom is the earliest and largest network operators, we have accumulated abundant data, so today I want to share with you some security threats outside the China Telecom we see in these years the walls, as well as our best practice solutions. The network from the external point of view, we think that the current network attacks or cyber threats, it has the following several aspects, such as the DDos attack, DNS Security, phishing threats, Web security threats; in addition to these, there are some other things, such as the APT attack, everyone for having heard it many times system loopholes. First look at the DDos attack, is your service to provide, it refused service, in fact it is passive to service, because there are a lot of machines in the network flow from the geographical and initiated location is where the distribution, these positions may be personal PC, intelligent mobile phone, and now a lot of cloud on the APC, even including smart home equipment, such as camera etc.. This right can be seen from 2013, 2014, 2015, the three year DDos attacks, each column has three colors, representing the different sources of attack, basically is three of the world, your address at the time of attack, there may be 70% of the attacks from other domestic traffic operators or overseas, especially the proportion of overseas attack traffic, is representative of the orange region, accounting for this ratio is very high, often more than 80%, 90%. 2016 of July, when the cumulative total of the entire network over a record high, reaching 33000TB. Let’s look at a specific attack相关的主题文章: