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Children play against gaming people and less reason – Sohu technology "many times in this moment of fantasy, finally started". A few days ago, when the Ministry of Education announced the e-sports as additions to the University for industry, Chinese gaming first person, "Warcraft emperor Li Xiaofeng first time forward micro-blog. In the past ten years, the overall China E-sports market grew by hundreds of millions of yuan to 27 billion yuan, the total number of bonus gaming occupation players also reached $71 million in 2015. Globally, the gaming culture is heating up, gaming has become a way of life for young people. Japan and South Korea’s domestic gaming gaming culture culture can developed to today’s husband Wang Sicong, with the national public support for the eSports related. In recent years, he has invested in a wandering holdings, music funny game, net information, hero mutual entertainment, and in September 2015 founded the banana plan and platform game live panda TV. Wang Sicong in the broadcasting business on their own spend money without mercy. Not long ago, panda TV on a Korean woman named Hanna received a reward from more than 400 thousand yuan a night from Wang Sicong. When she was dancing, was another anchor Liu chickens see and reward thousands of yuan of "sea food and poultry", then president Wang also come in a reward their anchor, did not expect a provocative president Wang Liu began, both sides began to brush each other gifts. A woman saw the gift price go up, in the broadcast on the spot excited cry. Wang Sicong a female anchor Wang Sicong assists this is only one aspect of gaming, before this, he is four years from the layout of the Online to Offline the entire gaming industry chain. See play gaming can make money, more and more young people began playing with gaming. Affected by the mobile Internet is not only the gaming, "asked" etc. Mobile Games APP also is popular with young people. At present, Chinese fans have more than 60 million people, ranking first in the world. South Korea had gaming as a mainstream culture. In South Korea, tens of thousands of people watch the game on TV and on the internet. South Korea’s largest portal site Naver also opened a special game coverage. Electric competition mainly rely on the support of the government of South korea. In the late 1990s, in response to the Asian economic crisis, the Korean government began to focus on the construction of communications and Internet industry. After 2000, the Internet can be seen everywhere in the streets of South Korea, the active player community has begun to appear. Wang Sicong, Jay Chou and other stars as a gaming platform the South Korean government has also set up a South Korean E-sports Association, specifically responsible for the management of electronic sports association. Some companies have long been found to support the presence of E-sports star business prospects, such as Samsung, CJ Games and other large companies have their own sponsorship of the game team. Japan and South Korea, Japan is a game superpower, but China and South Korea E-sports is not so popular. On the one hand, the Japanese game is generally as a family entertainment and social existence.相关的主题文章: