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The children don’t like homework three basic reasons, this should obey the | the son mother – Sohu on the weekend, because my sister unit of something, the little nephew to my home to watch him do homework. In fact, I feel my sister is because it is understood that make an unnecessary move, little nephew learning is very good, each home is finished my homework and then go out to play, never let my sister worry about learning, which is also used to send someone to look at. I am relieved to let his nephew in the study to write his homework, and confessed to finish his homework to take him out to eat kfc. But a long time passed, nephew still not finished, but to see people and write a special serious. I watched for a while, finally found the child always love with rubber, writing a little neatly to wipe it off, this is not finished, even after the pen and scan again, the book was made a small hole. In fact, the child to write slowly, there are several reasons. A rubber eraser. That is to say the so-called syndrome syndrome child homework is too perfect, there is a little not perfect is to rewrite it with a pencil eraser. For this child, parents try not to give the child too much pressure and excessive demands, tell the child that everyone will make mistakes, do not have everything to be perfect. Children to write homework, parents can try to take away the eraser, tell the child to be able to finish the work in a short time, and there is no trace of smear can be a small reward. Two. Lack of time the low age children play is relatively large, relatively poor self-control, always in the habit of writing will play, intermittent, procrastination. Parents can put a small alarm clock in the child’s desk, tell the child to be written in a few points before you can watch cartoons, or tell the child is now a small test, the time limit is in, if not finished within the prescribed time, is not qualified. When the child has improved, parents should praise the child in time. Three. Learning is not good for poor children to learn, but also very helpless, many children also want to write the work, but because learning is not good, many questions are not done at this time, parents should start from improving children’s learning. Conducting children love to beat is because of what? What’s the matter with the child’s temper? Children always love to watch TV play how to guide the phone? Does your child help with the housework at home? Children usually pay attention to extracurricular reading? The child crying in kindergarten how to do? If you have these doubts: please pay attention to WeChat public number: [mother’s reading]. Just to be a kid! There is no school in the world can be more important than the mother’s reading!相关的主题文章: