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Two logic support consolidation pattern change or produce fundamental influence, Wanlian securities research Fu Ziheng Nanjing Securities Institute Zhou Xu Moderator: reporter Xu Weiping since August 25th stock index again shrinking trading board. The agency believes that the Shanghai Composite Index and the gem refers to the line in the vicinity of a narrow range, has its internal logic support. In the context of finishing concussion, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city style is expected to focus on hot topics as speculation. Index board is difficult to break the China Securities News: since August 25th, the Shanghai composite index again shrinking board, follow this pattern can change? What factors will trigger the market to break the board? Fu Ziheng: the recent market stalemate showing typical technical characteristics, the SSE Composite Index and the gem index in the line near and below the narrow range, this trend has its own internal logic support. On the one hand, due to the restriction of economic fundamentals and other factors, to expand the market trend is not consistent with the expected, multi power attack last year not done in one vigorous effort on the other hand, line; due to the current monetary liquidity is relatively loose, the market for the second half of fiscal policy overweight have certain expectations, coupled with the impact of the IPO intensive, relatively stable chips hit a new account multiple factors, stock index down space is also limited. At present, the consolidation of the logic is still in, to break the board is the main market of the new expected economic fundamentals and monetary and fiscal policies or conversion, while the external factors that the Fed rate hike and sharp fluctuations in international commodity, will also have a certain impact. From the macro data, PMI indicators have improved, next week, there will be a few core data will be released, you can focus on specific data confirm each other. Monetary policy, the Fed rate hike expected on domestic open market operations, to maintain the recent net invested, the fiscal policy has increased trend. These aspects of the future will trigger the market to break the board, need to closely track. Zhou Xu: since the June British referendum in Europe, the global market volatility has declined significantly, that is, the global central bank to continue to endorse asset prices, asset prices rebounded, while the market is worried about the negative interest rate is not sustainable. The same is true in the domestic market. On the one hand, asset shortage, the logic of supporting the market, on the other hand, the valuation of the market risk appetite is difficult to significantly enhance the premise of market valuation is difficult to significantly enhance the central. At present, in Europe for the first time a non financial corporate bonds bonds negative interest rates with decreasing marginal utility, QE, began to explore the use of global central bank monetary policy gradually, gradually shifted to the fiscal stimulus, so China. As a result, the market is likely to face the monetary policy and fiscal policy to stimulate the marginal contraction force, market interest rates will inevitably appear a certain degree of improvement, which is the bond market and risk assets, will form a negative. Therefore, the current need to pay more attention to changes in market interest rates, which will have a fundamental impact on the current market board. Chen Jianhua: short term shrinking stock consolidation pattern is expected to continue. On the one hand, from the domestic macro environment, the central bank open market operations show that although the possibility of monetary tightening is not large, but the probability of further easing of the policy is also lower, especially RRR, interest rates and other guidance;相关的主题文章:

[Sina] medical 2016 World Diabetes Day — from healthy life is the basis for diabetes-t420s

[Sina] medical 2016 "World Diabetes Day" from diabetes "healthy life" (Zhang Rui Zheng Wentao) is the foundation in November 14, 2016, the world will usher in the tenth "World Diabetes day". It is understood that this year’s theme is "healthy life and diabetes". All over the world will be held through various forms of commemoration, so that more people understand the dangers of diabetes, improve the lives of bad behavior, improve their awareness of prevention, control and delay the occurrence of diabetes. Department of Endocrinology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine, Li Yonghua, deputy director of the current problems for patients with diabetes present their own recommendations. Turning to healthy life and diabetes, Li Yonghua, deputy director pointed out that the main causes of diabetes, the first is genetic, second is unhealthy lifestyle. In simple terms, the lifestyle associated with obesity, high fat, high calorie diets, and long periods of inactivity. In clinical, the proportion of young people suffering from diabetes is gradually increasing, the common feature of small patients is the body fat. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise are the main reasons for the high incidence of diabetes in young people. So, considering the two factors of diabetes director Li proposed that if the parents themselves have diabetes, so the child will not need from the over feeding, weight control, and maintain good eating habits and exercise. What is a healthy way of exercise, director Lee believes that a certain intensity of aerobic exercise is an effective way of movement, in order to achieve the desired effect of exercise. So, park, playground common walking, is not obvious to activate the beta cell sensitivity effect. Healthy exercise and is suitable for mass such as brisk walking or jogging, you need to let the body after exercise have warm feeling, is sweating but not sweating, heart rate also need to reach a certain value. Among them, the calculation of heart rate, can be used to subtract 170 of their age, such as the number of people aged 60, after the exercise heart rate needs to reach a min of 110, Lee believes that this can be regarded as an effective exercise. In clinical practice, it is often found that the incidence of fatty liver and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in diabetic patients is high. According to Lee, director, this is because diabetes is a metabolic disease, the role of insulin in the case of insufficient, not only will appear sugar metabolism disorders, lipid metabolism is also the same disorder. So patients in the treatment of diabetes at the same time also pay attention to the treatment of hyperlipidemia. High blood sugar, high blood lipids, high uric acid, high blood pressure, which is a comprehensive constitution of patients with diabetes, so the need for comprehensive treatment of diabetes. Healthy diet, reasonable exercise is the basis, combined with drug therapy, the clinical effect can be achieved smooth blood glucose. In the application of hypoglycemic drugs, Li stressed that the role of an irreplaceable role in Western medicine. But at the same time, traditional Chinese medicine, which is under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, has a unique effect on the treatment of diabetes and its complications. Western medicine hypoglycemic treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, can achieve better results. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes is mainly through the adjustment of physical fitness and treatment of complications. Diabetes Chinese medicine called Xiaoke disease". Body of patient.相关的主题文章:

Why private institutions are crazy China’s most cattle private equity waiting for you to

Why private institutions are crazy? China most cattle private honor you by Tencent finance organized by China, CIC securities as exclusive broker 2016 world expert meeting – private equity division, and "private expert meeting" after 3 weeks of registration and the beta, the official start in September 12th. Since August 19th to start enrollment, the majority of users are concerned about. As of September 9, 2016 17, the contest chairman received a total of more than 2000 copies of the registration information, through strict qualification examination, a total of 395 private institutions to qualify. It is understood that the private conference attracted industry strength to participate in the big coffee: Beijing hazens inclusive season wins investment investment, Shanghai Shenzhen song yuan investment, Guangdong Jun Jian investment Daniel agencies are also involved, for "China most cattle private" honor. In two weeks the beta period, the existing institutions emerge, show wonderful hailun Technology: nicknamed "the new one" masked participating private institutions, so far, two consecutive weeks in total revenue ranking occupy the first throne. Although the beta ranking and the results are not included in the day after the formal competition results, but the private equity division provides master subscription service for the audience, according to different types of audience, provide a guide wall to watch the crowd sitting. Good swimmers will become the focus of the market, users through subscriptions and onlookers, real-time simulation transaction records received master, master of learning whenever and wherever possible investment philosophy and ideas, it is one of the highlights of the contest. In addition, in order to enhance the fun of the contest, the organizers set up a masked competition and exposing the face of the link. That is, at the beginning of the beginning of the private placement will be masked to the form of competition, after obtaining the final qualification, will be directly exposed face to the real name of the agency. For those who dare to challenge their own private institutions, you can also take the initiative to the organizers to expose the face". According to the competition schedule, the private competition in the preliminaries from September 12, 2016 to January 24, 2017, will last for 20 weeks, all private institutions for expert competition: the top three institutions per week will directly qualify for the final 20 weeks, a total of 60 companies, in addition to total revenue of the top 40 preliminaries will eventually Shanxi, 100 private institutions will highlight the siege, for tens of billions of selected products to support the program eligibility and Tencent 360° platform; promotion resources show. This is the heroes gathered all the people exchange feast competitive investment, with investment capabilities, provide full display and the opportunity to play with the space for the participating institutions. About Tencent Finance: financial Tencent, as financial information channels, relying on, Tencent APP, APP News Daily Express, the number of public financial Tencent WeChat platform, to provide 7X24 hours all-weather domestic and international financial news service for the users, including the timely news news, securities, insurance, banking, stock gold fund, industry, investment, and provide financial information services for users and products. About China investment securities: China securities investment is a registered in Shenzhen, a national comprehensive securities company, wholly owned by Central Huijin Investment Co, registered capital.相关的主题文章: