By 2017, children in the 39 counties of Hebei will receive subsidies every day-sichen

By 2017, the children in the 39 counties of Hebei will receive subsidies every day. From the Ministry of education, this year, the rural compulsory education students’ nutrition improvement plan should be launched, and the local pilot work should be expanded. In 2017, the nutrition improvement program and the national poverty alleviation and development key counties should be fully covered. Recently, the Ministry of education, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "on the further expansion of the scope of the pilot plan to improve student nutrition of local implementation of the national poverty counties full coverage of the opinions" pointed out that the implementation of the national poverty counties full coverage of nutrition improvement program, the focus is to implement precise poverty, playing an important measure of poverty alleviation to win the war. The opinion emphasizes that the funds needed for the local trial should be included in the local financial budget guarantee, and the central government will grant the subsidy according to the local financial investment, organization and management, implementation effect and other factors in the previous year. To co-ordinate the long-term mechanism of school building maintenance, transformation of weak schools, compulsory education schools and other projects and funds, new construction and expansion of a number of school canteens to meet the needs of students dining. In the aspect of food safety, opinions put forward to establish and improve the school food safety management system, increase the students nutrition meal production, processing, distribution and so on the whole process of supervision, to ensure that no food safety accident. It is understood that since the fall semester of 2011, the state has launched a pilot project for rural compulsory education students’ nutrition improvement program in the contiguous and difficult areas. The central government provides nutrition allowance for rural compulsory education students in the pilot areas. The standard is 3 yuan per student per day (200 days per year according to the students’ school time). The funds needed are all borne by the central government. The list of national poverty alleviation and development work focused on the county issued a list of Hebei county are as follows: 39, Xingtang County and Lingshou County, Zanhuang County, Pingshan County, Qinglong County, Lincheng County, Weixian, Daming County, Julu County, New River County, Guangzong County, Pingxiang County, Weixian County, Tangxian County, Fuping County, Laiyuan County, Shunping County, Zhangbei County Kangbao County, Guyuan County, Shangyi County, Weixian County, Yangyuan County, Huai’an County, Chicheng County, Chongli County, Wanquan County, Pingquan County, Luanping County, Longhua County, Fengning County, Weichang County, Haixing County, Yanshan County, Nanpi County, Wuyi County, Wuqiang County, Raoyang County, Fucheng county (Zhuolu County, Zhao Jia Peng District) according to the Hebei News Network

到2017年河北这39个县区的孩子将每天享受补助   从教育部获悉,今年启动农村义务教育学生营养改善计划扩大地方试点工作,2017年实现营养改善计划国家扶贫开发重点县全覆盖。   日前,教育部、发改委、财政部联合印发的《关于进一步扩大学生营养改善计划地方试点范围实现国家扶贫开发重点县全覆盖的意见》指出,实现国家扶贫开发重点县营养改善计划全覆盖,是落实聚焦精准扶贫,打赢脱贫攻坚战的重要举措。   意见强调   地方试点所需资金纳入地方财政预算保证,中央财政将根据上一年度地方财政投入、组织管理、实施效果等因素给予奖励性补助。要统筹校舍维修改造长效机制、薄弱学校改造、义务教育学校建设等项目和资金,新建改扩建一批学校食堂,满足学生就餐需求。   在食品安全方面,意见提出   要建立健全学校食品安全管理制度,加大对学生营养餐生产、加工、配送等全过程的监管,确保不出食品安全事故。   据了解   自2011年秋季学期起,国家在集中连片特殊困难地区启动农村义务教育学生营养改善计划试点工作。中央财政为试点地区农村义务教育阶段学生提供营养膳食补助,标准为每生每天3元(全年按照学生在校时间200天计算),所需资金全部由中央财政承担。   国家扶贫开发工作重点县名单发布,河北39县名单如下:   行唐县、灵寿县、赞皇县、平山县、青龙县、大名县、魏县、临城县、巨鹿县、新河县、广宗县、平乡县、威县、 阜平县、唐县、涞源县、顺平县、张北县、康保县、沽源县、尚义县、蔚县、阳原县、怀安县、万全县、赤城县、崇礼县、 平泉县、滦平县、 隆化县、 丰宁县、 围场县、海兴县、盐山县、南皮县、武邑县、武强县、饶阳县、阜城县、(涿鹿县赵家蓬区)   据河北新闻网相关的主题文章: