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Internet-and-Business-Online This is a really simple idea but will be an incredibly powerful traffic builder in the long run. Plus it’s free and easy. But it will be time consuming. However, it’s worth it if you want to find business success. On the web there are sites called forums. These sites allow people to come and voice opinions or ask questions to anyone and everyone. There are thousands of forums covering probably every subject there is. So you’ll have no trouble finding one that’s about your niche.You can use forums within your market to drive web traffic to your site within a few weeks. What you want to do is sign up for as many forums in your market as possible (it will be free). The forums are easy to find, just type in a simple search on google e.g. dog training forums.You can also use or When you’re signing up, you want to make sure that there are people posting on the forum regularly. Just check the date of the last post and make sure it was within the last few days. Remember there’s no point in encouraging web traffic to your site with forums, if there’s no one in the forums. For business success you want to find very active forums. So, you’ve signed up to your forums and now you need to start chatting about problems or solutions within your market. DON’T GO STRAIGHT IN FOR THE KILL Telling everyone to visit your site straight away without saying anything else will just irritate people. Plus you’ll probably just get kicked out for spamming. It might sound a bit creepy but you need to build casual relationships with these people. You need to have conversations over a few days, and solve some problems for each other. It’s after a few days that you hit them with a subtle recommendation to your site. Don’t just go straight out there with it though. Try and cloak it with some chit chat about you kids or work or something. Drop in, that you found a pretty good website that helped you a little and recommend to some of your forum friends (use their names because it conveys more value to other readers). Try and open up to other readers as time goes on. Tell everyone a little about yourself and what you do. It builds trust, which will eventually build you free web traffic. The traffic will convert and give you the business success you’re after. This might sound a bit dishonest but you’re driving these people to your site so that you can give them content that will help them (if you’re like me anyway). Also pretending you’re a girl helps loads as well….. this might be pushing it for some (people just trust women more). Here’s what will happen once you’ve been posting in as many forums as possible for a couple of weeks, I guarantee you will start building web traffic, at a trickle first but as time goes on, a steady flow. You should still post regularly though. Especially if it’s a popular forum. Just once a week is enough. The great thing about forums is that they don’t get deleted so people will always be able to read your posts for years after. Giving you Remember that the gap between your first post and the post that mentions your site should be at least 10 days. Be patient and you’ll eventually get the amount of traffic that will give you online business success. Copyright (c) 2010 Joe Albert Stewart About the Author: 相关的主题文章: