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Bright yellow light still grab the line will hit the taxi car slag Nan’an Police News from around October 7th, about 3:30, in Nan’an District Huilong Road crossroads agile, a slag car through the traffic lights, still grab the line in the yellow light, the result will be a taxi knocked around, he also roll on the side of the road, traffic lights will also hit the collapse. In October 7th, about 3:30 Traffic and patrol police detachment of Nan’an District West brigade received a public warning, said Lu, Nan’an District Huilong agile crossroads traffic accident. After the alarm, police on duty rushed to the scene and found a taxi across the central crossroads, severely damaged the front; another car slag truck rollover not far from the sidewalk, smashed the roadside pedestrian traffic lights on the bus bar, the dirt on the floor. After investigation, the police found the car by poly slag by Chongqing South diversion to Kwun Tong site LONCIN turntable straight road, Huilong road under wear. Huilong road vehicles to agile crossroads, slag car driver that night car less, then break the traffic signal, grab the line in the yellow light, trying to accelerate through the intersection. And at this time just met a relative taxi traveling in the green light turn left into the orchid road. Slag car Dodge is not urgent, the emergency brake, but because the truck loaded with dirt is too heavy, coupled with the road a little downhill, panic, and turn right at the wheel, the left and the taxi left slag car collision. In the accident, a taxi to a 360 degree turn in situ, slag car toward the sidewalk, roll on the ground, eventually causing a car accident. The police in the investigation found that the slag car driver has 20 years of driving experience, fortunately, turn the steering wheel to the right, did not cause casualties. Traffic police remind driver friends, abide by traffic rules, pay attention to safe and civilized driving. Big Yu reported three hours in front of the accident相关的主题文章: